Shitang town: iron-fisted regulation “two violations” to protect cultivated land resources

2022-04-23 0 By

In order to resolutely curb illegal land use and construction, and resolutely fight against the disorderly occupation of farmland and housing construction, Shitang Town took decisive measures to maintain the situation of “two violations”, strictly observe the red line of farmland protection, and help spring farming production and realize grain production and income increase.This year, Shitang town continued to increase the daily inspection efforts, shitang town, Ling Zhu block around the key areas of irregular inspection, and the use of mobile publicity vehicles for publicity and law, so that the masses understand the harm of “two violations”.At the same time, through the sanitation law enforcement map spot, the law enforcement personnel field verification and evidence, identified as illegal occupation of cultivated land behavior, by ordering the demolition of a time limit reclamation and other remediation methods, timely disposal of farmland “non-agricultural” and “non-food” problem map spot.According to statistics, since 2022, a total of 9 unregistered rectification map spots have been remedied, involving monitoring area of 39.02 mu (including 29.63 mu of cultivated land), and relevant plots have been reclaimed for green and returned to cultivated land.Progress has been made in the rectification of major special projects such as the unauthorized use of farmland for housing in rural areas and the rectification of land used for major infrastructure projects before approval, laying a solid foundation for protecting cultivated land resources and ensuring food security.Next, Shitang Town will accelerate the implementation of the field chief system, to carry out a series of special actions for farmland protection as a starting point, resolutely curb the “non-agricultural” of farmland, firmly defend the red line of farmland protection and the bottom line of food security.At the same time, we will strengthen grid supervision and accelerate the formation of a farmland protection mechanism featuring “horizontal to edge, vertical to bottom, full coverage and seamless” to provide a strong guarantee for the full implementation of the farmland chief system.