China Southern is the first airline in the world to operate a “high Altitude” model, A319neo

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Two new high-performance “high Altitude” A319neo models were introduced at one time!On the morning of February 19, 2022, China Southern Airlines (hereinafter referred to as “China Southern airlines”) officially became the first airline in the world to operate an A319neo.The new aircraft will provide important support for China Southern Airlines’ “high Plateau” flight operation and achieve high-quality and green development, which is of great significance to improve passengers’ “high plateau” flight experience and facilitate the “great domestic cycle”.With the addition of the new aircraft, China Southern Airlines Group has a fleet of 881 sorties, making it the largest carrier in China with the largest number of aircraft, the most developed route network and the largest annual passenger volume.In 2022, China Southern Will introduce two more A319neo aircraft, which are expected to be delivered by July.Photography is by AIRBUS.The AIRBUS A319neo uses the latest technology, including CFM International’s new leap-1A engine, which has a range of up to 3,650 nautical miles. It not only meets the thrust requirements for “high altitude” operation, but also has a 50% reduction in noise level compared to the previous generation aircraft.It will bring passengers a quieter and more comfortable flying experience.Photo: AirbusTwo new passenger jets are also equipped with sharkfin winglets, which have significant environmental performance.Fuel consumption is 20% lower than that of the previous generation of aircraft, carbon dioxide emissions per seat are 20% lower, and nitrogen oxide emissions are 50% lower than CAEP/6 (IcAO Commission for Environmental Protection sixth Meeting) standards.Photo: The new AIRBUS aircraft has a comfortable three-class cabin layout, including 4 business class seats, 24 Pearl economy seats and 108 economy class seats. The spacious seating design and the new generation of in-flight entertainment system will bring more comfortable and pleasant flying experience for passengers in different classes.Adhering to the service concept of “affinity, fine and sincere service”, China Southern Airlines has been committed to creating the most modern and fuel-efficient fleet of new aircraft to provide passengers with environmentally friendly and comfortable travel experience.China Southern Is the first airline in the world to operate both airbus A380 and B787, the world’s most advanced passenger aircraft. It is also the first airline in THE CIVIL Aviation of China to operate both A330 series and A320neo models. It is also the first airline in the Civil Aviation of China to operate B777-200ER and B777 freighter.