How to choose a joint venture medium-sized car of 200,000 yuan?Teana, Accord, Espa, which one is better to buy at home?

2022-04-24 0 By

I received a message from my fans: with a budget of 200,000 YUAN, I want to buy a joint venture medium-sized car with large space, high maintenance rate, economy and low maintenance cost. Do you have any model recommendations?First of all, most of the models that can be considered together are Japanese cars, because Japanese cars have a good reputation.If the budget is less than 200,000 yuan, then the price of the naked car must be between 17W and 18W. Based on this budget, I think we can consider the Nissan Teana. The guide price of the Comfortable version of The Teana 2.0L is 18.78W.Comfortable version of the configuration to meet the daily walking or quite OK, equipped with:8.0 inch touch LCD screen, reversing image, cruise control, front electric seat, keyless entry, LED headlights, etc., it can be said that the B-class car has some mainstream configuration it has, but there are not so many configuration highlights, but to buy this car or more worry, the main driving experience is more comfortable, but also fuel economy.If you want a little more space and power, you can take a look at Honda Accord. The luxury version of Accord has a guide price of 19.28W, which is about 3K discount. The new car landing will exceed the budget by several thousand yuan.But I don’t recommend this configuration at all, because it’s a little low;If you want to budget within 200,000, and want to complete the configuration, you can look at the next door inshi Pai.Honda Espa and Honda Accord are the same platform and power, but one is produced in Guangqi Honda, the other is produced in Dongfeng Honda, the version suggested by EspA is the refined version (guide price:19.29W), the new car terminal discount is 1W, so the land price of 20W is completely can be made, not only preferential intensity is bigger than accord, but also more complete configuration, equipped with:The 10.25-inch touch LCD screen, L2 level automatic driving assistance system, reversing image, panoramic sunroof, front electrically adjusted seats, adaptive high beams, etc. Among the models at the same price, the price performance of PI is indeed higher than that of Accord, but the warranty rate is still inferior to Accord. I think there are two main reasons:One is the name of the accord is not big, the second is no more than the market holding accord.As we all know, the relatively protected model in the B-class car market is Camry, but if Camry wants to 2.0G luxury version, it is impossible for the 20W budget to be implemented, if dealers have 2.0E elite (guided price:17.98 W) this version, you can be 20 W won the camry, but I see a lot of relevant information, the lowest few match the version of the dealer, the chances of getting lower than accord with, so want to buy this version, must want to have, until the camry heat had in fact I think don’t have it,Because the production probability of this kind of car is very small, so with a budget of 200,000 YUAN, I suggest you choose one of teana, Accord or Imperius instead of buying a camry with the lowest matching, what do you think?