Quanzhou: Promote the digital standardization of transportation safety supervision

2022-04-24 0 By

After the Lantern Festival, enterprises began to usher in the resumption of work and production peak, industry safety supervision and corresponding codes.On the afternoon of February 15, the transportation center of the Bureau of Transport and Port conducted a collective interview on the safety production of 5 transportation enterprises under the jurisdiction. These enterprises had unqualified items in the “Fujian Road transport safety supervision standardized information Management system” and did not timely rectify the situation.”Immediately after the holiday alarm bell, not only to improve the level of enterprise safety production standardization, but also promote the standardization of industry safety supervision.”Related person in charge of transportation center.The reporter learns from traffic bureau, in 2021 by the end of 2023, quanzhou city, the transportation industry will promote a new round of safety production standardization initiative improvement, promote enterprise standardization and daily safety management, and implement enterprise’s main body responsibility, double prevention mechanism construction and the construction of safety culture of organic integration, realize the Standardization Administration of production safety,Improve the essential safety level of the whole industry.And the promotion of the use of this safety supervision standardized information management system, is also the standardization of the creation of the meaning.In this system, there are not only transportation enterprises, employees, operating vehicles, safety management system and other basic information and production safety dynamic ledger, industry management departments can also carry out online inspection, rectification notice, urge rectification.”The goal is to create a closed-loop system of road transport safety supervision through a standardized digital safety platform, so as to achieve full coverage of industry supervision without blind spots.”The person in charge.For example, whether the enterprise has not dealt with the violation of rules and regulations, whether the employees are listed in the list of unqualified, whether the vehicle annual review or road transport license is overdue, whether the vehicle has GPS alarm information or accident information, whether there are enterprises without cars for 180 days, etc., can be checked online at any time.At the same time, the competent department can also query the situation of the online system of the enterprise by day, month or quarter, check the qualification of the dynamic supervision and inspection of the enterprise’s vehicles, the education and training of production safety, the pre-job training of employees, and the rectification progress of unqualified items.”This requires enterprises to establish and regularly maintain safety production ledger, identify the responsible person, to ensure that the input information content is true and effective.”Transport center related person in charge of introduction, conversely, promote the use of this information system, also help to force enterprises to establish and improve the corresponding management system, improve the level of safety management.”In combination with daily safety inspections, we will vigorously promote the use of online review and on-site inspection functions, and promote the standardization of transport enterprises to ensure safe production and orderly operation of the industry.”The person in charge.(Reporter Kang Qinghui correspondent Wang Jingyang) Source: Shishi Daily