Heat preservation and anti-freezing vegetable base

2022-04-25 0 By

Heavy snow, chilly wind, tianjin vegetable production suffered serious “inverted cold.”Yesterday, the municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee jointly organized agricultural technical personnel to go into more than 300 vegetable supply bases in 10 agricultural areas of the city, guiding vegetable farmers to clear snow, reinforce, keep heat, strictly prevent vegetables from being frozen, and ensure market supply.Yesterday morning, in wuqing district tianmin rural vegetable protection base, a number of agricultural technicians and vegetable farmers together braving the cold wind to clean the greenhouse on the snow, strengthen the greenhouse framework, in the entrance to hang cotton curtain and plastic film, to prevent cold wind invasion.The person in charge of the base introduced that more than 500 greenhouses in the base are now growing spinach, lettuce, rape and other fast-growing vegetables, due to the timely adoption of relevant protection measures, vegetable growth has not been affected.Yesterday afternoon, in jizhou district shangcang town of a large facility agricultural park, agricultural technicians are guiding vegetable farmers in the greenhouse using burning blocks to increase temperature and keep out the cold, strictly prevent vegetables from freezing damage.The person in charge of the base introduced that, with the help of agricultural technicians, they take timely warming and anti-freezing measures. At present, cauliflower and tomato have entered the harvest period and are shipped to the market for sale every day.Fast – growing vegetables such as spinach, rape and oilseed vegetables have maintained good growth.(Reporter Chen Zhongquan)