Suyu and Peng mister several conflicts, not personal contradictions, but another reason

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As the saying goes, no matter how close the relationship is, there are conflicts.Of course, it is not only the top commander who can make a unit become a hero. Commanders at all levels below play a very important role.Once an army has two good generals, it is difficult not to be a hero army.SuYu and peng boss is such a mutual relationship of achievement, in the Anti-Japanese War period, in the third field army is two people together, in after the founding, both more cooperation for six years, although the peng boss very recognized SuYu military capabilities, but two people in private exchanges rarely, but also had several conflicts, both of conflict is not a personal conflict,But there are other reasons.General Su Yu’s military ability is obvious to all. After He was not selected as one of the ten marshals, the great man once said that in terms of talent and qualifications, Su Yu was very qualified to be the marshal.Although it was affirmed by the great man, Suyu and Marshal still regret to miss, Suyu also became the founding of the first general.SuYuXiang comparing other marshal, the only lack is a junior, familiar with friends all know of China’s modern history, the three party during the uprising has a very important role for our party, finally ten generalissimo candidate is mostly involved in the three uprising, only in this way, is a qualified and capable, but SuYu is slightly less than in this respect.Su Yu’s military ability was developed in the battlefield. He started from an ordinary soldier and gradually moved from monitor to battalion commander to chief of staff of the regiment.During the War of Resistance against Japan, he became a division commander with his own efforts and became a commander in chief who could lead troops to fight.Suyu’s military ability was praised by many people. Among many commanders of our army, his military ability was undoubtedly among the top three. Marshal Liu Bocheng even praised Suyu personally and gave him a high evaluation.He once mentioned that General Suyu was one of the best generals in Our country, having experienced hundreds of battles and winning almost one hundred victories.During the Anti-Japanese War, Su Yu was the favored son of Heaven and became the chief of the general staff through his own efforts.Su Yu had a high status in the third Field Army at that time. As a commander, Peng, the boss, also believed in Su Yu’s ability and let Su Yu command the army alone for many times, but this also laid a foundation for su Yu being stigmatized and suspected after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.02 contradiction upgrade Peng mister from the United States to aid the battlefield victory back, with the war in the war, Peng also became the president.In order to cooperate with General Peng’s work, the organization sent Su Yu as the chief of the general staff, and the two also established a cooperative relationship again.And of two people cooperate again, not so smooth however, the contradiction between two people also upgrades again.Suyu was used to being in charge of his own affairs during the war, but after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there was a clear reform in the army. It was necessary for the Party to take charge of the army, and everything in the army should conform to the regulations, and the regulations should not be ignored because of personal heroism.Su Yu because of the problem of the name and Peng mister conflict, two personal rift gradually born.Su Yu wanted to solve the signature problem of the draft document of the Ministry of National Defense, and submitted the document several times, but failed to pass.If Su Yu was directly transferred to the central committee, Peng refused on the grounds of improper communication.If Su Yu reported directly to the central government, Peng would think that he did not report in accordance with the regulations.Because of this, Su Yu also complained to Peng, but he did not realize that the way of handling things after the founding of the People’s Republic should be different from that during the war. He still handled things according to his own ideas.He was later branded a self-centered traitor for trying to get his hands on Soviet military documents.Su Yu always defended himself, but the atmosphere at that time was too radical, once there was a hint of evidence, they would make false statements.Because of this incident, Su Yu was also labeled with many labels, and was even imprisoned for his own review.However, Su Yu could not admit that he was a traitor, so this review was not written for a long time.It was not until Su Yu’s wife came forward to assume the responsibility that the matter came to an end.Suyu herself was very wronged. She did not make any mistakes in her life, but she was blamed by many people and even scolded by some people out of nothing.During the War of Resistance against Japan, the combat ability of an army was determined by the commander’s ability. During the war of war, it was also an era of god creation. Suyu of the Third field Army and General Lin of the Fourth Field Army all existed as gods in the hearts of soldiers.These generals by virtue of their personal charm attracted many young soldiers to join the army.Such charisma worked well in wartime, but not in post-founding construction.If everyone relied on personal charm to do things, they would be above the law and discipline.Now the idea of governing the country by law has been deeply rooted in the people, but at that time the feudal society was not long gone, such individual heroism would greatly affect the military system.Suyu suffered such a disadvantage. He got used to the way of doing things during the war, but did not adapt to the system of the new era, which led to him being labeled as individual heroism.Although Su Yu was criticized by the general assembly is not organized by Peng himself, But Peng is also one of the oppression of Su Yu, and the contradiction between the two has not been solved.The characters of Suyu and Peng are completely different. Peng’s hot temper and Suyu’s calm and introverted personality, combined with the fact that they rarely communicate with each other, lead to a lot of misunderstandings. Although they have conflicts for many times, it is not personal grudge, but mainly for things rather than people, and Suyu never blames Peng.Because of this incident, Su Yu was relieved from his post in the military and left the post he had been fighting for many years. However, Su Yu never held any grudge against the organization.Later Peng always had an accident, he did not kick in the face, this also side of the two individuals although less private communication, but there is no personal conflict.Mister Peng mentioned this matter after many years, but also expressed his regret. At that time, there was no objective treatment of this matter, and he was sorry for Suyu.Peng also said goodbye suyu will face to face to apologize to him.