Volunteer veteran: There are two things I like best about the capture of the American army

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When it comes to the Korean War, we all know that the biggest weakness of our army is the lack of air superiority. The army of hundreds of thousands of volunteers in the DPRK only had 24 anti-aircraft guns and more than 100 anti-aircraft machine guns, which could not withstand the bombardment and bombing of thousands of American planes every day. The army was equipped with a total of 1,300 cars, and more than 1,000 of them were blown up in a short time.As a result, the supply of logistics materials was very difficult, and there were no cars but to rely on people to transport materials, but there were too many people and too little porridge. The troops were generally short of food and clothing, and often fought with an empty stomach, so many people froze to death and starved to death. For example, in the battle of Shanggan Mountains, the troops were short of food for 10 days, and 17 people starved to death in only one no.7 tunnel.Especially in the Changjin Lake Battle, more volunteers froze to death and starved to death, the number of people froze to death and starved to death more than the Red Army long March several times.At that time, volunteers need ammunition and other supplies of food, in addition to rely on domestic continuous supplement, another part is captured on the battlefield the booty to complement, as the Anti-Japanese War and the liberation war period, the first popular described in battle hymn of the guerrillas, didn’t eat not to wear, has its own enemy on before, there is no gun gun, the enemy made to us.On the Korean battlefield, the volunteers won many battles and captured a large amount of booty.Among the captured booty were cars, tanks, artillery and even aircraft.Other military materials such as tents, wool blankets, eiderdown quilts, etc.There are soldiers favorite food, such as all kinds of canned goods, compressed biscuits, coffee, chocolate, cigarettes, Coca Cola and so on, these dazzling food let the volunteers eye-opening, in these captured many materials, the most let the soldiers like the most two things.A big boots is like most American soldiers in the first and second battle, volunteers in addition to a few people have cotton shoes, most of the dress is rubber shoes, especially in the battle of long jin lake regiment, 9 because of emergency into the battle, no replacement winter clothing, a class of more than 10 people only one or two quilts, at night, the soldiers had to spread out the two quilts in the ground,A dozen people huddled on quilts, hugging each other and using each other’s body heat against the -45 degree cold.There were not a single cotton shoe in all the three armies of the Ninth.On the first day of the operation, more than 10,000 soldiers of the 8th division of the 27th Army fought with the 1st U.S. Marine Division at Jangjin Lake, suffering 600 casualties, two-thirds of which were frostbite.The battalion, company and platoon officers and soldiers of the 58th and 59th divisions, the main force of the 20th Army, were all frostbitten.Because there was no car to transport, we could only borrow the iron saw of the common people to amputate the limb on the spot. There was no anesthetic, the pain was unbearable, and then the pain had to be amputated, or we would die.The extreme cold has left tens of thousands of volunteers suffering from severe frostbite and desperate for a pair of cotton shoes to wear.However, this urgent desire was realized on the battlefield.That was a lot of boots coming from the US army.At that time, the combat effectiveness of the frontline combat troops is to see the shoes on the feet, if which troops are wearing uniform American boots, it is absolutely the main king army, because the troops fighting more, captured boots.Lightweight, strong, breathable and comfortable, American boots are a favorite trophy.Veterans said: “in the battlefield they like to pick the boots of the south Korean army corpse, because the South Korean soldiers are easy to fight, often a battle formed into a regiment into a battalion annihilated, as long as it is surrounded, they will immediately surrender, their figure and the Chinese about the same, the number of boots is easy to find.By contrast, the Americans had too much firepower and strong fighting will. They were seldom wiped out after being encircled. Moreover, the American soldiers were generally tall and difficult to find suitable boots.No matter what the number was, the frozen volunteers were stripped off and put on. Some of the bodies, whose feet and boots were frozen and could not be removed, were stripped off after melting the ice with fire.Every time cleaning the battlefield, frozen soldiers first to find boots, no matter the dead living all stripped down to put on.There are many kinds of rations in the FIELD, including A, B and C rations.In category A rations, there are six tin cans and an accessory bag, including three tin cans and one accessory bag. Three cans contain meat and the other three contain bread.The accessory bag contains ten premium cigarettes, water purification tablets, matches, toilet paper, chewing gum and a can opener.In category B and C field rations, there were all kinds of candies, raisins, milk chips, chocolates, jams, desserts, cereal biscuits, etc., which some soldiers refused to eat after they were captured.Captured tins, whether fruit or beef, were a favorite trophy of the soldiers, as if they were celebrating the Lunar New Year.One veteran said, “Gee, you don’t know, the American devil’s canned meat is really delicious,” with a look of lingering memories.And the soldiers like most is a big tin, there is a piece of beef, a piece of bread, a piece of butter, there are two cigarettes, matches, toilet paper, easy to carry delicious.Many soldiers said they wiped their asses with paper for the first time thanks to American imperialism.As the soldiers did not know English, there were many jokes when they captured the booty.The volunteers ambushed a baggage train loaded with large iron drums. When they opened the wagons, they found yellow powder inside. The soldiers kicked them over, mistaking them for sulfur.Because of the language barrier, the American made signs with his hands, and the soldiers could not understand them. The prisoner took out his helmet, put yellow powder and snow inside it, set it on fire, and soon its fragrance filled the air.The volunteers followed his instructions and cooked yellow powder, which proved to be far better than the volunteers’ fried noodles. Only then did the volunteers realize that the yellow powder was not sulfur but egg powder.This yellow powder can also be steamed, like steamed eggs, and is extremely nutritious.Initially captured coffee are not recognized, tasted very bitter, that can not eat, so used to withdraw on the ground as a road sign.Later, a staff officer can English, just know that coffee is a refreshing food to drink, later captured after not thrown.Later soldiers drink coffee to create their own unique drinking method, said to drink hot too bitter, the best to drink is to put some snow in the coffee, melted after drinking, that just delicious!On the Korean battlefield, people were unfamiliar with no water to drink, so the volunteers had to turn the snow containing blood into boiling water to drink, so many soldiers’ bodies were damaged.Once, American prisoners of war to drink water, they directly dug some snow into the lunch box, into the water after throwing two small tablets in, bubbles after drinking, we do not know what this is magic, asked the prisoner of war tablets play what role, prisoners of war gesturing for a long time to understand, this can make water clean.Since then, most of the tablets seized have been handed over to the cooking squad, except for a small amount for personal use.When one of the officers was searched, he found a large bag of chocolate, which he thought to be dynamite. The prisoners said they could eat it. They tasted it and said they had never tasted anything so good.We didn’t know how to eat the captured beans. Many people chewed them raw, and some swallowed them after chewing gum.There is a kind of canned food with bayonet cut out to eat, the taste of sweet and sour very delicious, later a soldier is cantonese, we know this toy art called pineapple.The largest haul of booty was captured when the volunteers entered Hungnam Port, which had six large warehouses, mostly food except ammunition, piled on piled cans.American food made these Chinese soldiers who ate potatoes and fried noodles open their stomachs and taste all kinds of canned food.A lot of people also put on a long admired big leather boots, all full of spirit.However, some soldiers mistook batteries for cans, explosives for sausages, alcohol for face oil, and unknown flour for flour to boil and drink, resulting in the poisoning of several, and some eat, as a result of being stuffed to death.These was on the battlefield as a baby to volunteers’ high-tech goods, but now seems to be more common things, which the negative Die volunteers from the side of deprivation, more highlights the volunteer soldier’s heroic spirit, which help in rubber shoes, a mouthful of Fried noodles a snow warriors, under so difficult to win the U.S. military, played the JunWei, with national pride.Salute to the heroic Chinese People’s Volunteers!​