Anhui will add 98,500 low-income rental housing units and renovate 5,252 dilapidated rural houses this year

2022-04-26 0 By

Hefei, February 19 (Wang Ruihua) February 18, Anhui Province housing urban and rural construction work conference was held in Hefei.Anhui Channel of People’s Daily Online learned from the conference that 98,500 indemnify-subsidized rental housing units (units) will be added this year, 96,800 units of shantytowns will be renovated, 1,431 old residential areas will be renovated, and 5,252 dilapidated rural houses will be renovated.According to data statistics, in the past 2021, Anhui province has inspected more than 11 million rural houses and eliminated 12,000 potential safety hazards.We consolidated and expanded poverty alleviation efforts and effectively linked them with rural revitalization. We renovated 7,062 dilapidated rural houses, and 75% of rural household waste was treated safely.At the same time, we made steady progress in rebuilding rundown areas. Last year, construction began on 156,000 new units, 136,000 were basically completed, and 156,000 additional units were completed and delivered.We renovated 1,341 old urban residential areas, benefiting 280,000 households.We raised 2,916 units of public rental housing and provided subsidies to 33,000 households.According to the key tasks announced this year, Anhui province will accelerate the improvement of the urban housing security system with public rental housing, government-subsidized rental housing and jointly owned housing as the main body, and promote the housing security target to cover permanent urban residents instead of households.At the same time, we strengthened policy guidance on land, fiscal, taxation, and financial services, adhered to the principle of small housing units and low rents, encouraged multi-party investment and channelled government support, and created an additional 98,500 units of government-subsidized rental housing.We strengthened security for those who need to meet their basic needs in public rental housing, appropriately determined the number of physical forms of public rental housing, and fully covered urban households with subsistence allowances and low-income housing difficulties. We raised 1,434 new units of public rental housing, and provided rental subsidies to 25,000 households.In addition, we will continue to adapt measures to local conditions and act according to our capabilities, build rundown areas before demolishing them, and steadily renovate 96,800 new rundown areas. We plan to start renovating 96,800 new rundown areas and basically complete 159,100.We will accelerate the completion and delivery of more than 145,000 housing units to be completed by the end of the year.According to the plan, this year we will further encourage nongovernmental capital to participate in the renovation of old urban residential areas, improve the mechanism for the government, residents and nongovernmental forces to share the reasonable share of the investment, and upgrade the standard and expand the scope of the renovation of 1,431 old residential areas.Promote old residential areas to install elevators according to local conditions.We continued to renovate dilapidated and earthquake-resistant houses in rural areas, renovated 5,252 dilapidated houses in rural areas, and accelerated the establishment of a long-term mechanism to ensure housing safety for low-income groups in rural areas.In accordance with the requirements, we will further promote the investigation and rectification of potential safety risks of rural housing, and eliminate major safety risks of rural housing in a timely manner.We will improve standards and regulations for rural housing construction, promote new construction methods such as prefabricated steel structures in light of local conditions, and improve the quality and safety of rural housing.