Cike Lu ‘an helps Beijing Winter Olympics

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You must have been impressed by the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics?Must be cheering for China’s first gold medal?Must also be refueling for the Chinese athletes?Package disinfectors and germicidal robots, manufactured by Lu ‘an Chemical Group zhongke Lu ‘an, are also cheering for the Beijing Winter Olympics.It is understood that As the supplier of LED sterilization equipment for Beijing Winter Olympics, Zhongke Lu ‘an has supplied 8 package disinfectors, 3 sterilization robots and 15 air disinfectors, contributing to the epidemic prevention of the Winter Olympics in Shanxi.Follow our reporter to See what’s going on in CKE Lu ‘an — in spring, we went to CKE Lu ‘an Uv Optoelectronic Technology Co., LTD., a high-tech enterprise that has achieved the world’s largest industrialization of deep ULTRAVIOLET LED chip technology and localization of core devices. Under the current environment of normal epidemic prevention and control,Accelerate the realization of deep ULTRAVIOLET LED sterilization and disinfection projects covering all areas of people’s livelihood.At 10 o ‘clock in the morning, the reporter came to the production workshop of the chip department, and saw the operator monitoring the chip process.Operator Jeff told reporters, “now I am on the chip to do regular check after cleaning, first check it whether the appearance of clean, if there is any residual glue, glue not clean will affect the appearance of the chip, clean or corrosion does not reach the designated position can cause leakage or high voltage chip, after the check measurement chip line width, if qualified, will flow into the next process.”Engineer Li Yongqiang told reporters, “the chip production process is divided into more than 60 processes, through photoliography, cleaning, evaporation, grinding, scratching and point five sections to form a chip.”A Zhang Jingyuan can make more than 16000 single chip, every single chip has two metal electrodes, electrode can inspire ultraviolet, high-energy ultraviolet light to destroy microbial DNA or RNA molecule structure of the body cells, causing growing cell death and (or) cell regeneration, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization.In August 2021, the first package disinfection machine equipped with 5000 deep ULTRAVIOLET LED chips was put into use in Changzhixin Kaiyue Logistics Park. The detection report of Wuhan Virus Institute showed that the novel Coronavirus killing rate was as high as 99.99% when the deep ULTRAVIOLET LED light source was used for one second.The package disinfector realizes the instant disinfection of cold chain packaging items in all directions without dead corner, and provides a new way to solve the problem of cold chain logistics “preventing input from outside and rebound from inside”.Coming out from the chip production workshop, the reporter saw the Beijing games can service package disinfection machine, minister of industry to expand Cheng Feng told reporters that “the two disinfection is the second generation of package machine, was last xin excelle logistics park on the basis of using the Taiwan made improvement, the second generation of high-power integrated light source is adopted, it has the advantage of small volume, good heat dissipation.”Cheng Feng said while squatting down to lift the curtain of disinfection machine, then said, “the two layers of curtain is to prevent ultraviolet radiation leakage, ultraviolet radiation can not be directly according to people, the damage to the eyes is larger.You see this inside with infrared induction, usually standby state is low speed operation, sensing there is an object put up, the ultraviolet light inside will be turned on, the machine will run fast, four 50 high-power light source can illuminate the package six sides, just 6 seconds can kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses.”At present, Zhongku Luan has produced 14 second-generation package disinfecting machines, which are supplied to Beijing Winter Olympics, Zhengzhou Cold chain Warehouse and Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to sterilize and disinfect luggage and parcels.In addition, the company has also developed deep ULTRAVIOLET LED sterilization robot, air disinfection machine, elevator button sterilizer and other 30 types of LED deep ULTRAVIOLET application products, has registered “Jinxin Guardian” brand, obtained the provincial health commission issued by the health certification to complete the market access, the formation of UV LED sterilization integration solution.Package disinfection machine actively fight “epidemic”, sterilization robot is also a “ruthless role” and virus contest.The reporter followed Cheng Feng to the laboratory, “This is the sterilization robot, it has 192 chips, through the air circulation for sterilization of the air disinfection, there are 24 chips at the bottom of it, sterilization of the ground disinfection.We can plan a route for it, and it will automatically avoid obstacles when driving on the route. At the same time, it can also carry out real-time measurement and face capture, and it will give an alarm to the background when it detects abnormal human body temperature.Such robots we produced a total of 16 sets, 3 sets of them have sent to the Beijing Olympics, where we have to set the working time and route for each robot, the robot will be carried out in accordance with the scheduled time and route sterilization, at the same time, in the background of each robot, we can monitor the working status, timely deal with the problems.”Cheng Feng talks freely.Centering on nitride deep ultraviolet photoelectric materials, CILU ‘an has carried out deep ULTRAVIOLET LED special equipment manufacturing, chip manufacturing and application product development, making breakthroughs in a series of key industrialization technologies.In 2021, the company has achieved the mass production of high-performance deep ULTRAVIOLET LED chips, the technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, completed the industrialization of research and development achievements, and realized the world’s largest deep ULTRAVIOLET LED chip technology industrialization and the localization of core components.”Our company currently sells UV LED chips, beads, modules and applications with an annual production capacity of 30 million chips and 5 million beads.At the same time, we are also the supplier of the top domestic household appliance brands. At present, more than 20 types of air conditioning products with ultraviolet disinfection function on the market are provided by our company.”Industry development department minister Cheng Feng told reporters.On August 16, 2017, the United Nations Minamata Convention on Mercury officially came into force. 128 signatory countries including China will stop producing and selling mercury-containing products from 2020. As an alternative light source for mercury lamp, the deep ultraviolet LED light source will usher in a significant window period for industrial development.”The mercury lamp has to be at a certain temperature to perform its antiseptic function.But UV LED belongs to cold light source, it does not need to preheat, ready to use;It is non-toxic, no pollution, no residue, belongs to the physical broad-spectrum sterilization;Still have the illuminant volume inside it is very small, can make it all sorts of modelling, but the life of illuminant is very long however, conservative calculate in 10 thousand hours above.At present, our company has started phase ii 300 million chip project construction in semiconductor optoelectronics Industrial Park of High-tech Zone.”The next step is to invest more in research and development to quickly achieve a breakthrough that will significantly reduce the cost of the product and, together with some marketing tools, hopefully replace the mercury lamp in the future.”Ultraviolet application department minister Sun Qualitative bin told reporters.At present, with the change of foreign mutant strains, the spread of COVID-19 in many places in China, and the continuous pressure of prevention and control, the implementation of deep ultraviolet disinfection demonstration projects in people’s livelihood will become an important measure to build a regular epidemic prevention front.Changzhi Industry and Information Technology Bureau has completed the Work Plan of Promoting the Use of DEEP ULTRAVIOLET LED disinfection Products in Changzhi City. Since 2022, it will gradually implement deep ultraviolet disinfection demonstration projects in medical and health institutions, educational institutions, public venues, commercial outlets, hotels, residential communities, logistics cold chain and other livelihood areas.At that time, Changzhi will be the first city in the country to systematically promote the application of deep ultraviolet demonstration.I hope zhongke Lu ‘an can make great progress in the east wind!(Text photo: Zhang Jing and Guo Qiang) Source: Lu ‘an Chemical Press Center Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of conveying more information.If there is a wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, please contact our website (email:, we will correct in time.Thank you very much!