Did you know rou Rou prefers acid soil?Put it away

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Succulents like acidic soil, so satisfy it, provide acidic soil for succulents. In the previous notes, it was mentioned that red pottery POTS and pottery grains do not meet the characteristics of succulents like acidic soil, and then a fairy asked if she bought red pottery POTS, how to solve the problem of red pottery being alkaline, to be honest,If it is I’m simple and crude to change basin knows the answer long but comment back cannot extend to write other method, so this article is mainly to write down what method can help adjust soil ph water by adjusting ph value here is not advocated add acid to water, such as vinegar and all kinds of so-called adjustable acid solution the gift of nature – the rain melting snow,Rain and snow water dissolved in a small amount of sulfur compounds, so a certain weak acid, acid – loving plants are very beneficial.Rain and snow water is free of money, but how to collect and preserve is a problem, this method is not too friendly to live in ordinary residential building players may have said that all exposed to raise is finished, but also what rain.There’s nothing wrong with that, but if they don’t have a problem, they’re not low-level players, and they’re already comfortable with something higher than soil ph.In a word, it is not recommended for novice exposed cultivation to adjust the pH by soil matching peat, light stone (heliospheric stone is a high-grade light stone), tongshi sand, red jade, lu Bog are acidic particles, are there any familiar with these are the particles with a higher proportion in the soil matching?This also explains why most players tap water is not big problem, if don’t feel so worried that you said so much vermiculite, diatomite, perlite to neutral medical stone, volcanic rock, as the two-way adjusting ph stabilizer, the play of aquatic animals box should be more clear, is probably can prevent water overly acidic or basic stable water quality,So in the soil to add the right amount of medical stone volcanic rock has a certain role if the reasonable soil and rain with the use, it is better