“Freedom incident” beginning and end: The United States number one little brother, on the United States spy ship, killed 34 people

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The United States has always been a big country that likes to make trouble. Once it has a conflict of interest with other countries and cannot use it for itself, it will be targeted by them. If it is willing to follow them, it will become their younger brother.Therefore, even if you become the younger brother of the United States, you will not necessarily have a good life.But one country is different. It is not only the younger brother of the United States, but also dares to shoot American ships.It is Israel.How could Israel, America’s biggest fan, be so bold?It all started with the Liberty incident in 1967.The Liberty is not an attack ship, but a vessel used by the US military to gather intelligence, and it belongs to the US Security Agency.Therefore, the Liberty is not equipped with many weapons, but more communications equipment to monitor intelligence and pick up signals.The inadequacy of offensive and defensive forces also foreshadowed the tragedy of the Liberty.At the time, the Liberty was sailing in the Mediterranean, and the Israeli military was nearby to settle prisoners they had captured from Egypt.Although international organizations clearly stipulate that prisoners of war should not be harmed against their humanitarian spirit, it is more convenient for Israel to take in and manage them quietly.More than 60 captives were shot mercilessly, and screams echoed across the sea.But what they never thought was that there was a ship just passing by, and it was the ship of their “big brother”.When they saw the antenna on the Liberty, they knew it was an American intelligence ship.Israel, who had been hesitant, panicked.With all the surveillance equipment on the Liberty, they must have caught a video of what they just did.In order to prevent further complications, Israel decided to “kill” “destroy the body to cover up”.Armed with only four machine guns, the Liberty could not withstand an IAF attack.Because of Israel’s previous friendship with the United States, those on board did not think anything wrong when they perceived the Presence of the Israeli air force.They didn’t realize it until a hail of bullets hit the boat.The Liberty was limited in attack and defense, and 34 crew members died even after rescue crews arrived.But the Americans were so bemused that, having accepted Israel’s apology and compensation, they never mentioned it again.It even quietly silenced an angry American public, warning them not to embarrass their Allies over minor accidents.The behavior and attitude of the United States this time, even the American people find it incredible, even if the families of the victims are angry, but there is nothing they can do.It can be seen that the United States is indeed a very selfish, just for the sake of temporary interests, can give up defending their soldiers’ lives and dignity.