Zeng Fanbo’s unselection, hit the number of domestic players want to impact the NBA

2022-04-26 0 By

I saw a news these days that Tseng fanbo was not selected for the D-League All-Star game.Maybe a lot of people will deliberately pay attention to this player who is in the process of training, but this news to some people, in fact, is no more than normal.Zeng Fanbo can be said to be no accident, can also be said that he will definitely be voted out of the all-star.How about the G League? It is the affiliate league of THE NBA, many undrafted players will continue to struggle for a spot in this league, there are also a lot of old former NBA players, there are also a lot of NBA players who are declining after injuries.These guys are far superior to Tseng in many ways, and deserve a better chance in terms of playing time, not to mention all stars.Since joining the DEVELOPMENT League, Zeng fanbo has averaged about 12 minutes per game and only about 3 points per game.That’s not in any way good enough to get into the rotation, let alone the draft.So before joining the development league, Zeng Fanbo said to the outside world is to experience.And then there is the claim that you can compete for an NBA draft opportunity, strengthen yourself in the G League, and return to the domestic league to earn an NBA “advanced” title.In the past, it’s not unheard of for NBA to drop picks to come to domestic leagues, but they are all real drops, not in such a cut-throat way.With Zeng Fanbo’s current state and strength, he has no chance to enter the NBA, so before there are many people think that even if not into the NBA, can enter the development league is actually very good.No, the G League is an inclusive arena where you can hopefully make it to the NBA as long as you become a professional player.Zeng fanbo is not at the top of the overall strength ranking of Chinese players, so there will be other players who continue to go to the development league to try their strength.Ding Yanyuhang, China’s top small forward, also played in the DEVELOPMENT league a few years ago, but his strength is several levels higher than Zeng Fanbo.Ding played in the D-League, when the Mavericks’ predecessor, the Mavericks, announced they were signing.Take Ding Yanyuhang for comparison. One is the top small forward in China, and the other is not ranked. Both can make the D-League, but the treatment is very different.And Ding Yanyuhang even if really into the Mavericks, his opportunity, as well as in the tactical position and strength and so on are still to be considered.Look at the guangdong team now foreign aid Weems, before the NBA also play out of fame, just came to the CBA contract, become a top line in China.And Zeng Fanbo in the development of the performance of the league, can only be said to have seen the market, as for their own strength of the promotion, this we do not know.In terms of entering the draft, the NBA’s “senior” title is the same, but for such a title, others will recognize.Compared with others, Zeng fanbo is young, which makes many young Chinese players want to have a try in NBA.When they see zeng Fanbo such an opportunity, the strength of the gap, they will be willing to.It’s just that the Chinese fan market is huge, and the NBA has made changes in order not to abandon the Chinese market.It was the development League all-star Fun shooting Contest, this time zeng fanbo was selected, just as both sides want.