Zhao Xiaotang wears spliced down vest to assemble baseball bat, simple atmosphere fashion and personality

2022-05-03 0 By

Click on the top of the “blue word” to pay attention to our late winter and early spring down vest is very popular, not only warm fashion, versatile version design can easily adapt to a variety of styles, the photo rate is quite high.Zhao Xiaotang recently wore a black and gray matching down vest suit, with a black casual baseball bat, stylish and full of personality, the overall style of simple atmosphere.Zhao Xiaotang’s black and light gray spliced down vest, with the length just right at the hip, basically meets the needs of resisting the cold in late winter and early spring. It redivides the body proportion, with both practical and fashionable effects.The old waistcoat modifies the swan’s neck, reducing the swelling of the down jacket, while protecting the neck and increasing the warmth of the wear.White long T-shirt inside, will wear a sense of hierarchy and fashion sense obviously enhance, give a person a youthful age breath.The lower body is matched with the matching color wide-leg pants of the same style, which not only embellishes the leg shape, but also lengthens the length of legs visually. The black and gray stitching pants are particularly conspicuous, which gives a very elegant and high-end feeling, not because of the confusion of the matching color. It forms an integrity with the waistcoat of the jacket, making Zhao Xiaotang’s image cleaner.Zhao Xiaotang’s fashionable matching color down vest suit, with a long T-shirt inside, makes the minimalist wind become fashionable and advanced, fashion little sister must be unable to refuse, in the beginning of spring and the end of winter, we can also try this set of wear, very reference value.Here is a beautiful life for young people to provide fashion dress information, today zhao Xiaotang’s private dress for everyone to share here, thank you for reading.Welcome everyone to pay attention to and leave a message, together with the New Year fashion dress.