Feb 20 wheat, corn prices: Wheat prices are still up!North China corn decline slowed

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Saturday corn decline has slowed in north China, shandong processing enterprise scattered across several fell, and deep processing enterprises in henan, hebei and other places are the signs of rising, such as henan jiaozuo cause areas of huaxing alcohol plant price 20 yuan/ton, the latest purchase price 2800 yuan/ton, han yong alcohol plant is the original Yang alcohol plant xin river,The quotation also increases 20 yuan/ton, the price is 2800 yuan/ton;Hebei Qinhuangdao Pengyuan starch up 20 yuan/ton, the latest offer for 2630 yuan/ton.Although the price of enterprises are not many, but in contrast to a few days ago in north China around the big flour floating green price, the market has turned good signs.Today, the northeast corn market continues to maintain a stable trend in the strong, Heilongjiang, Jilin and other places have individual deep processing enterprises, the increase in 10-20 yuan/ton.For example, the price of Heilongjiang Suihua Xinhecheng rose by 10 yuan/ton, and jilin Liaoyuan Jufeng rose by 20 yuan/ton.Affected by the weather, the mentality of the supply side and other aspects, the volume at the grassroots level in northeast China is slow at present, the pace of grain sales affects the harvest progress of grain enterprises, the purchase situation of each factory is general, supporting the strong operation of corn prices.With the continuous decline of prices in North China a few days ago, the market supply is again affected to a certain extent, shandong deep processing enterprises on Saturday morning arrival of 829 vehicles, 176 fewer than Friday.Although the quantity of goods tends to decrease, some manufacturers are still quite sufficient supply, such as Zouping Xiwang, Hengren Industry and Trade, Shouguang golden corn and other manufacturers, the quantity of goods is still more than 100 cars.Therefore, although the number of deep processing enterprises in Shandong province reduces the price, but there is still no enterprise price, most manufacturers in the wait-and-see market.Corn market current basic-level grain more, later market supply pressure or some.But in contrast to the corn market, which is affected by the potential pressure risk, the wheat market is still dominated by long bulls. Wheat prices of individual flour enterprises are also rising on Saturday, including anhui, Shandong, Henan and other places, up to 30 yuan/ton.For example, Henan Xinxiang Sifeng price 14 yuan/ton, Saturday quoted 2920 yuan/ton;Anhui Bozhou Jinshahe price 10 yuan/ton, Saturday quoted at 2930 yuan/ton;Shandong Qingyun Luqing flour prices 30 yuan/ton, the latest quoted 2920 yuan/ton.The above analysis is only a personal point of view, only for reference, not as a selling suggestion.Specifically, the purchase price of corn and wheat of some domestic enterprises is as follows: Today’s corn price: Today’s wheat price: The above price is only for reference, some manufacturers’ quotation may have certain deviation, please confirm by yourself.If the quotation is not allowed enterprise information, welcome to point out the message, thank you!