At the Battle of Kinmen, the root cause of our defeat was the commander’s contempt for the enemy and confusion in command

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The Kinmen Battle is a battle on Kinmen Island in Fujian province at the end of the War of Liberation.In this battle, the Chinese people’s Liberation Army (PLA) landed on the Island and fought for three days and nights. As a result, 9,086 of the troops landed on the island, most of them sacrificed their lives and the rest were captured, thus causing a major loss of the PLA in the War of Liberation.Location map of Kinmen Island In the Battle of Kinmen, the root cause of our defeat is that the commander in command of the battle belittled the enemy and misdirected the command.So let’s take a look at the lessons of that battle.oneBackground and Overview of the War The Third Field Army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (Sanye) crossed the river, because the Kuomintang army was defeated like a mountain, so it did not encounter the resistance of the Kuomintang army.They won the Battles of Fuzhou, Pingtan Island, Zhangzhou and Xiamen, and then accepted the task of capturing Kinmen.Kuomintang side, in the discovery of Taiwan’s portal – Kinmen garrison battle force, ready to let Hu Lian’s 12th regiment to replace the 22nd regiment defense Kinmen.Unfortunately, the leadership of the troops I planned to take part in the Battle of Kinmen did not grasp the situation of the enemy’s redeployment.The battle of Kinmen was fraught with difficulties from the beginning due to our army’s uncertain enemy situation, inadequate preparation and disorganized command.On October 24 at 9 o ‘clock in the evening, the first echelon of the People’s Liberation Army three regiment respectively in Australia, Dadeng, lotus river boarded the ship to open the prelude to the Jinmen campaign, 25 about 1:30 in the morning arrived at the ridge mouth, after sand, Gu Ning head area.Under the cover of artillery, our troops landed in Longkou, Guningtou and Huwei respectively, broke through the enemy lines and occupied Shuangrushan, Guanyinshan and Huwei heights, as well as rushed out of the siege and advanced to Guningtou and defended the Lin House.But by the enemy armor troops and infantry strong counterattack, both sides repeatedly contested several times, heavy casualties.To my surprise, the first boat I landed was caught by the enemy’s obstacles on the beach, and the boats were all stuck on the beach because of the ebb tide.As a result, the ships of the first landing were unable to return to carry the second landing as they had been deployed before the war, and the officers and soldiers of the three regiments of the first landing of the PLA had to fight alone.Under the heavy shelling of the enemy coast defense ships, the landing troops suffered heavy casualties.What was more serious was that on the second day, hu Lian, the enemy’s commander of the 12th Corps, led his troops to jinmen battlefield to reinforce them. They captured Lincuo and captured Nanshan mountain, and launched a fierce pincer attack on our troops with chariots.On the third day of Taiwan’s “Guningtou Battle”, that is, at midnight on October 26, our landing troops ran out of ammunition and food and broke out to the seaside. More than 1300 people were trapped on the beach under the cliff north of Guningtou.On the morning of the 27th, the Kuomintang army launched another onslaught.Although our troops put up strong resistance, they were completely wiped out, either killed or captured.The Battle of Golden Gate was over.twoReasons for the failure of the campaign analysis of the reasons for the failure of the Kinmen Campaign, from the surface, there are: due to the ebb tide caused by my ship stranded, unable to meet the second echelon of troops on the island reinforcement;The enemy happens to be at the time of the change of defense, the combat forces more than our army and other objective factors.However, the key reason is that our commanders, who were in charge of the operation, belittled the enemy and misdirected the operation.In the early stage of the “Three ye”, our army successively won the battles of Fuzhou, Pingtan Island, Zhangzhou and Xiamen, and did not encounter the resistance of the Kuomintang army, so a kind of pride filled the hearts of the landing troops and commanders, which made them have the wrong idea of underthinking the enemy.Ye Fei, the founding general (then commander of the 10th Corps), and other campaign commanders failed to carry out the instructions of suyu, the leader of the “Sanye”, to attack Kinmen: no ships carrying six regiments were not attacked at one time;Enemy reinforcements do not fight;He asked the shandong coast to select 6,000 experienced boatmen to support the X Corps.Therefore, in the unknown enemy situation: the garrison of Kinmen is about to change, and may increase the strength of the situation, our troops rushed to battle, resulting in the total destruction of the island troops.The same underestimation of the enemy made pre-war preparations extremely inadequate.For example, before the war our army did not know that inland ships and sailing ships have a huge difference — inland ships are flat bottom, and the sea ship must be pointed bottom, which also gave the back of the fiasco.Later, when the tide goes out and runs aground, it’s a gondola. If it’s a sharp-bottomed boat, it can be pushed into deep water by hand.Another example is that the comprehensive combat strength of enemy forces on land and sea is insufficient, and the biggest enemy in landing operations is the enemy navy and air force first. If our army buys warships from the Soviet Union in advance to cooperate with the P-47 and P-51 of the Air Force to cover the army’s attack on Kinmen, the enemy may not be able to defend Kinmen.However, in the Kinmen Battle, our army only relied on ordinary ships to cross the sea without the advantage of air-sea coordination and three-dimensional combat. As a result, we could only suffer passive attacks and severe battle losses.Another fundamental reason for our defeat in the Battle of Kinmen was confusion in command: when the three regiments landed, there was not a single division commander with the landing command.At that time, the plan of our army was “surprise attack to strengthen the attack”, which is correct, but without unified command, surprise attack is ok, but strong attack is not easy?3.The glorious tradition of our Party and army is that leading cadres dare to take responsibility when they make mistakes.At the summary meeting of the Battle of Kinmen later, Xiao Feng, commander in chief of the Battle of Kinmen and deputy commander of the 28th Army, was the first to speak: “The defeat of the battle of Kinmen was due to the misjudgment of the leadership and the mistakes of the command. It was the result of pride and underestimation of the enemy. It was a violation of Chairman MAO’s instruction not to fight a battle unprepared and the three conditions of commander Su Yu’s instruction.This defeat is a huge mistake I made to the people of Fujian. I request the 10th Corps Party Committee and the 3rd Front Committee to give me the punishment I deserve.”Titiyeah soon took his words: “the golden gate defeat in the battle, the main responsibility in me, I am a corps commander, corps, first secretary of the communist party, can’t push to Xiao Feng, he has a different opinion, I listen to not into, due to the underestimation of sailing, on the phone I persist as long as two battalions, grasp the second echelon Xiao Feng, battle is promising.I caused the damage.Please the front committee, the party central committee to severe punishment.”Some of the captured PLA soldiers, Ye Fei, actually drafted a telegram to Commander Chen Yi after the meeting and reported it to the central government, asking for punishment.Gratified is: General Ye Fei and others through the kinmen campaign summary, shame and then brave, later in 1953 in the Battle of Dongshan Island victory, the third field Army in 1955 more successfully captured a Jiangshan island.They made new contributions to the liberation of our country.In short, the root cause of our defeat in the Battle of Kinmen was the commander’s contempt for the enemy and his confusion in command.We accept the lessons of history at the same time, more respect for the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, the courage to take responsibility, shame and courage of the fearless spirit.We should cherish and improve the beautiful rivers and mountains they have gained with their blood and lives, and strive to realize the century-old dream of rejuvenating the Chinese nation.Known as “the Bear of kinmen” enemy M5A1 tank this article by “old Wu Kan Guoxu today used” original, welcome to pay attention to, learn together, common progress!