Pragmatism in the used car business

2022-05-09 0 By

The second-hand car business is no longer the era of opening up or making huge profits casually, but returning to the essence of business, which is to make money from your ability and the bottom of your time. It is the same for our operation, which requires your pragmatism.So where does our pragmatism come from?The first element is your product, your vehicle, how you handle it, and how you present it to the customer.Just be your real, real source of traffic.What can you hide from me?The second is your management, what are you going to show your team?What to convey to your team?Only your starting point is pragmatic, is real, that is delivered to the customer is real, that is pragmatic.The third is your marketing. When we are outside, we like to boast, for fear of others looking down on us, we like to make some lofty promises, but the final result is that they cannot be fulfilled.Promise us what we can handle.Show them pragmatically.The fourth is to keep their pragmatic attitude, and can not see the competition of the industry and their messy hands and feet.It’s easy to say pragmatic things, especially when the industry is not the norm, outside influences, human nature.However, the law of business, industry competition, so that you must move to pragmatic, you must standardize.This is your way to long-term survival.