Liverpool vs Leicester in the Premier League, red and blue against Liverpool can back home revenge?

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On the ninth day of the Chinese New Year, the second day of the market opening, the overall trend of the competition is relatively positive, so it can be seen that the director still wants to let us feel the happy atmosphere of the Chinese New Year for a few more days.Last night’s private dishes, 03 City half win series 10 King’s Cup total score 2/3 goals, firmly win even red!Lao Li side is not only a game article analyst, is also an ordinary entity sports site owner, down over the years has formed a complete set of theoretical analysis logic!Every day the event recommendation is also directly open free, pay attention to is true and effective!Interested in football and basketball games of friends, can continue to pay attention to Lao Li football.003 Liverpool v Leicester Premiership match time:Liverpool are second on 48 points, nine behind Manchester City, after 14 wins, six draws and two defeats this season.With five wins, four draws and one defeat in their last 10 games, and mane and Salah back at the African Cup of Nations, Liverpool will soon be back in the game to catch City.Liverpool are unbeaten at home this season with seven wins and three draws, the only team in the Premier League to remain unbeaten at home.The team is among the premier League’s best in attack and defence, averaging 2.64 goals per game and second in conceding 0.86 goals per game.Liverpool vowed to avenge their first-leg defeat at Fox City.Leicester city have won 7, drawn 5 and lost 8 in 20 premier League games, scoring 34 goals and losing 37. They are 10th in the league on 26 points, 10 points away from the European zone.Leicester were knocked out of the FA Cup at the weekend by Nottingham Forest in a 4-1 defeat.Only 9 of leicester city’s 26 points in this season come from away, accounting for only 35%. The ability to snatch away points is not strong, and the away league has recorded 2 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses. The leading scorer in the team is Vardi, who has scored 9 goals, while the team’s average goal number has reached 1.7 goals, and the offensive performance is stable.Lao Li football summary: this game against the Premier League, Liverpool strength without much to say, the recent performance is also improved very obvious, the home side is the attitude of the home dragon.Leicester city’s recent form is very unstable, the team’s defensive intensity has declined significantly, the away game is not too strong ability, but the team in the last three meetings two wins and one draw, psychological aspect is not afraid of opponents.We didn’t expect Liverpool to be able to get through this game.Due to the early release of the article, there is a certain lag, the change of the team’s starting lineup and injury situation, will inevitably have a certain impact on the results of the match.So the recommendation is more stable, Lao Li will provide the game related series of ideas and results, for your reference, interested friends can continue to pay attention to Lao Li football collection.The article is limited in space, and the event news surface will be updated at any time, making the appearance more stable.Photo and text from gong/Lao Li football Club