The difference in drinking tea between north and south is so great. Which side do you belong to?

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The orange is born in Huainan, and the orange is born in Huaibei.The difference between the north and the South has always been a hot topic, especially with the development of the modern Internet, the difference between the north and the South has gradually been amplified, and some people say that the difference between the south and the North is a tug of war without smoke.As a native of Fuzhou, a native of southern water town, before this war, I really did not know that cockroaches in the north could not fly….As a tea circle mixed with a tea person, of course, notice that in drinking tea in this matter, it is also north and south.According to xiaobian observation, northern people drink tea as bold and unrestrained as drinking, mostly to quench their thirst;While the southern tea is euphemistic or abstract, the southern tea lies in a taste, taste, taste.Thirst quenching VS Tea Drinking The understanding and demand of northern people for tea is probably thirst quenching.If you see a northerner drinking from a bowl of DuangDuangDuang, don’t get me wrong. He may not be drinking, but he may be drinking tea.While drinking tea in the south is a very ceremonial thing, pay attention to etiquette, working procedure, tea ceremony and a series of procedures.Warm cup, tea, water, brewing…..The delicacy of southerners is incisively and vividly reflected in tea drinking, and the taste of tea drinking is a kind of charm.As the saying goes, radish green vegetables have their own love, each place has its own customs, the south and the north in the way of drinking tea and play for a draw.Coarse VS delicate and extravagant tea, the use of tea is also crude.In the north, people drink tea directly with a big tureen. You heard correctly, it is not a tureen but a tureen, and you can drink wine by throwing the bowl and walking away from tea.In the south, we have teacups, tea glasses, tureens, tea trays, tea rules, tea bridles, tea towels, tea needles, water boilers, tea canisters, tea boats, tea seas, teaspoons, tea bushes…..Tea ware is the soul of tea making, and we regard tea ware as treasure.Colorful tea sets, as delicate as women’s cosmetics.This game was clearly won by the South.Chinese tea culture has a long history. Most kinds of tea come from the south, while there are few in the north.Perhaps it is because of this that southerners are born with a special liking for tea.The diversity of tea in southern China and the rooted and sprouting tea culture make southerners have diverse preferences for tea, such as Dahongpao tea in Wuyi Mountain, Jasmine tea in Fuzhou, and Old white tea in Fuding.On the other hand, people in the north drink tea in a single form and have a very simple taste for tea.Northerners are particularly fond of Jasmine tea in Fuzhou. In the early days before tap water was used, the water quality in the north was poor, and the aroma of jasmine tea can dilute various defects in the water quality.And northerners eat greasy food in winter, jasmine tea solution greasy and cold.Cixi of the Qing Dynasty was famous for her love of jasmine tea, and the common people followed suit. Up to now, jasmine tea has become an irresistible habit for people in the north.For southerners, Wuyi rock tea is more than tea. Rock tea leads Chinese tea culture to the world.Wuyi Mountain has been the land of royal tribute tea since ancient times. Qixiu Jia is located in the southeast. Rock tea born here is rich in material, which is a gift given to us by this land and water.This time the South would not budge.In fact, no matter in the north or the south, as long as drinking tea can bring you harvest, whether it is to quench your thirst or experience the charm brought by tea or zen, it is worth it.It is precisely because of different customs that Chinese tea culture becomes more diverse and complete.If you know of other differences in drinking tea between north and South, please leave a comment