Hanwang science and Technology: must make up the short board, send force comprehensively

2022-05-11 0 By

E company news, Hanwang Technology Chairman Liu Yingjian said in his New Year’s message, IT technology is developing rapidly, from the era of large computers → to the era of PC hardware and software → to the era of Internet → to the era of mobile Internet → now to the era of artificial intelligence → there will be the era of robots and the era of meta-universe in the future.Our core technologies have played important and critical roles in different eras.The development of the company and the economic development is cyclical, we have to try to seize the opportunity, work hard, back to the highlight moment.Twenty years ago, high technology was a scarce resource, and individuals played a huge role. Now, technology is often a free resource, or even a surplus resource.Success depends on a team that has no weaknesses, technology, cost, schedule, quality, marketing, sales, management and so on. We must make up for our weaknesses and make efforts in all aspects.