She thought about the world, thought about the people, but never wanted to be with one person

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Hello everyone, xiaobian again to recommend novels, every day not regularly share a variety of pet text, abuse text, ancient speech, speech and other different types of novels, save your book shortage!I hope you have a special appearance, handsome, beautiful little brother little sister if you feel useful on the small series of articles like plus a concern yo.Xiaobian this is recommended for small partners: “First auxiliary crazy concubine” she thought of the world, thought of the people, but never thought of a person to accompany the first book: “Dear female doctor concubine: Prince Enticed pet cute wife” author: April Qinghe Introduction:She is 21st century underworld killer, proficient in medicine poison, martial arts masterly, can be unexpectedly by the person of trust harm, once pass through to 6 years old common female body, common female also stop, unluckily still fell the following offend on, family ruin.He is the lie Yan country 玧 wang, wentaowu strategy is all fine, act abdomen black, appearance cold, because he said, avoid her a full door cut the curse.Everyone thought that she could be bullied, but the poison needle in her hand would not allow. If one came, I would kill one, and if two came, I would cut off a pair. She was a holy hand and a poison doctor, she was an angel and a devil, a small ordinary woman, how to stifle the court.Top officer han sound: “you don’t pester me, do you really think I good bully?”Inflammation 玧 qi: “save you a life, you should make with the body, what’s more I also saved you a, I don’t want to bully you, just want to bully, pressure, you….”Great thing to do: “Your Highness is not ineligible for it, is it not?”Shangguan Han sound lowered his eyes, the slightest do not scruple to have another person present, like the hand holding a dagger like coercion, “it looks like you are the scenery of the infinite 玧 King, in fact, but is a look useless waste king just.””YinEr……”North qianxi looked at yan 玧 Lin’s face more sinister, immediately export to block her.”Didn’t I say that?Shangguan Han sound was ungrateful.”Wild……”Yan 玧 Lin rose to his feet, and the north Qianxi fan, soon protect in front of shangguan Han sound.”玧 king, if you dare to move her, first want to pass me this close.”Move her?Yan 玧 Lin holding iron fist, staring at the eyes of the two people, finally control the fire of anger in the heart, turned and walked.(click below free reading) the 2nd: “peasant concubine: head auxiliary elder brother majestic” author: Shuang Ning introduce: to cast off the best family member that the whole day calculates oneself, shuimu speech everywhere drill must marry oneself go out, her blind date request is rough and simple: the man is not bad do not want, do not want!One day was picked up by a fairy brother, abdominal black brother bully teach younger sister: heart to be ruthless, hot hand, directly cut off the white lotus flower, obliteration of the bad man’s existential threat, this is the shortest way.In order to help sister upgrade all the way play strange, auxiliary brother poor efforts……Pampering two small jiao group reborn, head and auxiliary paranoia, leaving her half step on the black!She looked at yao’s room with a wry smile on her lips. Yao’s figure appeared on a paper-covered window lattice, and another was shui Jia Sheng’s.Yao shi raises his hand delimit, estimate is abreact the discontent in the heart.Shuimuyan put aside the mood of confusion, secretly open the wooden gate of the courtyard, stealth into the fog color.Tonight’s fog color is very heavy, the whole water show village cage into a confusion.Shuimuyan trotted up and soon came to the place where he was caught by Liu Ye.There is a low xanthium tree in the direction of the left, the seeds of this tree are covered with thorns, usually naughty children will be used to make fun of people, but shuimu yan knows, this is a medicinal herb, can: spread wind chill, dispel wind dampness, pain relief.When Liu ye appeared suddenly, shuimuyan did not think much, will be in the hands of the medicine into the xanthium tree, now she is to pick up the medicine back.(Click below to read for free) the third book: “Head auxiliary crazy concubine” author: Jun LAN Scholar introduction: once through, she became a famous general house miss straw bag.My cousin plotted to rob her fiance and ruin her reputation.Tang Su sneer, “dare to trample on my reputation, will do a good death consciousness.”I heard you don’t allow women in politics?Sorry, she is the emperor’s personal seal imperial history in cheng, official worship is two products!You say that women are cheap and ignorant, only know how to embroider birds?Sorry, her hand tianhe jade, can call the world, more 100,000 elite troops, make the people of four countries terrified!She thought of the world, thought of the people, but never thought of a person to accompany, but…When did the eight, who was called a fool, enter her heart?Tang Ying was thus led into the bridal sedan chair by the good wife, and no one saw that her hands had been pinched out of blood marks by her fingernails under her sleeves.She was afraid of…Afraid tang Su will expose everything today!She had to be prepared. She couldn’t let one Tang ruin her years of hard work.Qi Xuan Yang today’s complexion is particularly good, especially in red more handsome body.The sight of girls on both sides of the street is a good proof.He was satisfied with the look, but…He glanced at Tang Su beside him.Once upon a time, there was Tang Zur in these eyes, but after she came back, it seemed to change…”Tang Su, speaking of this son can get what he wants thanks to your help.”He deliberately thanked Tang Su, he would like to see if she is really so calm on the surface.Tang Su back to one of the smile, “congratulations to the world get what you wish.”Her eyes light, cold if glass, eyes bright but no qi Xuan Yang figure.”Oh, Don Zur, you had better not play any tricks!Otherwise this son will not let you go!”Qi Xuanyang warned coldly. Then he rolled neatly onto his horse and puffed out his chest, his face triumphant.Facial paralysis?I do not know why Tang Chu remembered xuan Changyu beside the startled mark, that talent is serious facial paralysis.The hooves of the horse tread disorderly flying flowers, silk and bamboo sound in your ears, Tang Ying, today’s wedding can you feel at ease?Section of the south city hand in the scroll to Tang Su, Qing Jun with a look forward to the face.She unfolded the picture and saw a high peak rising above, with a thatched cottage faintly visible on the hillside.A man in white was standing in a thatched hut with a sword in one hand and a jug of wine in the other.Beside him stood a boy in a blue coat, holding a pitcher of fresh wine.At the bottom of the mountain was a fast-flowing river with sharp stone points.(Click below to read it for free) Today’s novel recommendation is over. If you have anything else to say to xiaobian, or want to share with you, please leave a comment below!We will see you next time ~ past period retrospective: “The new wife of the Lord of Rebirth of The Head auxiliary” Head auxiliary become paranoid, leave her half step on the black!”Reborn rich generation” she will rely on the invincible materials of space, become 80 rich generation!”Meng Wife is too sweet: president husband pet addiction” actor picked up a glutinous rice ball, hold back home obedient “Love you, One life” that she was pregnant with twins cut wrist suicide death, he collapsed crazy!Gao Gan article: “If have you, life what to beg” Anchen VS life, full of deep feeling!