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Tang Yiling thought that as long as she got married with Zhou Yangyao, she could slowly walk into zhou Yangyao’s heart. She believed that as long as she had enough patience, it was impossible for her beauty to get a man’s heart.But Zhou Yangyao was not tempted to her.Married for three years, he is always an indifferent look, every time asked him to go home, would urge three please four, if it were not for the zhou’s pressure, he would have divorced her.Tang Yiling feels that he has used all his strength, she has not moved love, this marriage can only go here.On their third anniversary, she filed for divorce and moved out of the house the next day.But to her surprise, she got pregnant because of it!You know, with the two of them going through a divorce, the baby came at an inopportune time.Tang Yiling did not tell Zhou Yangyao this matter, she felt Zhou Yangyao would not leave the child, because he outside the woman also has children, so she felt hidden down.Fragment: Tang Yiling really do not understand what he this is what operation, separated by a few seconds ability smiled two: “ha ha, zhou can really joke, all divorce still keep the contact information to do, each other about to go to the cemetery disco?”Zhou Yangyao: “…””Besides, you don’t also put my wechat screen, this is not to want to completely and I clear the meaning of it.”Zhou Yangyao thin lips slightly pursed, that time she sent him every day in addition to divorce or divorce, he vexed.”I didn’t mean that.”Tang Yiling compromise quickly: “Ok, I misunderstood you, but this does not prevent us from shielding each other, anyway are divorced.It makes everyone happy.”Zhou Yangyao some not bear: “three words don’t leave divorce two words, you want to divorce so yao.”Tang Yiling paused, gently reminded: “Zhou is not you forget, we have done a divorce in the morning, divorce certificate is still in my bag.”Zhou yangyao crumpled deeper, his long fingers twitching, slowly releasing his grip on her.Tang Yiling looked down at the red circle on her wrist, the dog and man caught the thief, so big strength.”Zhou zong if there is no matter, I will go…”Zhou Yangyao calmly said: “If you regret, I can consider giving you another chance.”Ps: The main characters have different names, but the content is the same.Other book list: 6 female foetuses wear family set ten million pet ancient words: female blessing against heaven grandma pet!4 laughing to tears out of the explosion of laughter novel “paranoid male main white moonlight I improper” and so on