Dayi County Agriculture and Rural Bureau launched a speech competition for “Gathering youth and striving power to show agricultural law enforcement”

2022-05-16 0 By

On March 25, 2022 in the afternoon, dayi county bureau of agriculture and rural areas held “concentrate the power of youth struggle Showing the agricultural law enforcement “speech contest, 12 contestants in the innovation as 勇做 agricultural law enforcement” international “, and “the agricultural law enforcement is our regretless choice”, “based on the agricultural law enforcement, youth dedication, serve people, such as for topic podium,With vivid examples and fluent language, the story tells the brave and selfless struggle story of agricultural law enforcement personnel in the process of cracking down on illegal and criminal acts, maintaining the dignity of law and protecting the rights and interests of farmers, fully showing the elegant demeanor of agricultural law enforcement personnel.The speech contest was held in a tense and inspiring atmosphere. The judges selected the first, second and third prizes of the contest respectively according to the comprehensive scores of the contestants’ material writing, expression ability, body language, theme image and venue effect, and recommended them to participate in the contest in provinces and cities.