Netizens said that rural “divorce not return dowry” means to get rich, Dongping, Shandong: belongs to the case

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Source: surging news the original title: rural netizens said “break off an engagement don’t refund the dowry” means to get rich, shandong dongping, belong to the case for those journalists Mary Zhong Yuhao intern Zheng Jiu states a few days ago, shandong Tai’an City dongping county a netizen reflected through the network, rural “break off an engagement not refund CAI li” has become a kind of abnormal means to get rich.On the afternoon of April 7, a staff member of the Dongping County Civil Affairs Bureau said during an interview that they were investigating and the situation reported by netizens should be an “individual case”.The growing trend of betrothal gifts in rural areas has put a heavy burden on some unmarried families of boys, the netizen said on the leadership message board of People’s Daily Online, adding that some families of girls have regarded betrothal gifts and then resigning as a means of getting rich.Yinshan town dongping county in the us, and the atmosphere, “my nephew in recent years because the woman break off an engagement has lost more than ten thousand yuan, now talk about marriage in children, this is also one of the cause of the whole society marriage and fertility rates decline, last year was the town MAO mountain village girl without breaking an engagement, lead to huge losses, hope this rampant government regulation,To lighten the heavy burden on the common people.”On April 7, a staff member from the Civil Affairs bureau of Dongping County told that they have paid attention to the netizens’ complaints and are investigating the situation, as it may take several days to get results due to the epidemic.”As far as I know, according to some judicial interpretations, if the marriage is not registered, the bride price should be returned.”They will carry out follow-up work according to laws and regulations, the official said.Is it a common situation that “divorce does not return betrothal gift”?Another dongping county civil Affairs bureau staff pointed out that this phenomenon can only be said to exist, but not common, should be an “individual case.”A government official in Yinshan township, Dongping County, told on April 7 that they had received no response so far, but they would check to see if there were any cases in the area where users described the phenomenon as “an abnormal means of getting rich in rural areas”.The staff said that if there is such a thing, will ask the superior how to solve the dispute.As for whether it is common in the area to “break off marriage and not return betrothal gifts”, another staff member of the Silver Hill town government said, “It’s ok, we’re ok here.”Responsible Editor: Wang Jun Photo editor: Le Yufeng