Agricultural technology station of Jilin Province issued technical guidance

2022-05-17 0 By

Recently, jilin Province agricultural technology extension station according to last winter and this spring climate conditions and production situation, targeted research and development of this year’s preparation of spring ploughing production technical guidance, actively carry out spring ploughing agricultural technical guidance services and “soybean, peanut production capacity agricultural technical action”, do a good job of preparation of spring ploughing production work.Improve the quality of sowing and ensure that all seedlings are taken at once.In the selection of varieties, according to the local ecological conditions and industrial development needs to select superior varieties, referring to the “Jilin Province 2022 Agricultural Leading Varieties and Major Promotion Technology”, put an end to white seed.Make good preparations for land preparation, implement protective tillage plots, timely clean up straw with sowing belt, and improve ground temperature.Conventional spring soil preparation should be based on the principle of soil moisture retention. After the soil thaws, it should be carried out in time to eliminate stubble by rotating tillage, and to suppress soil moisture by deep ridging combined with bottom fertilizer.All moisture is suitable, stable soil temperature through 10℃ to achieve sowing conditions in the area, we must timely early sowing, grab sowing, the crops in the best sowing period.According to the characteristics of varieties, cultivation mode, soil fertility and other factors reasonable dense planting.Reduce quantity control fertilizer, increase the application of organic fertilizer.Through soil testing formula fertilization, targeted nutrition elements needed by crops to achieve a balanced supply of nutrients.Combined with land preparation, increase the use of organic fertilizer, improve soil aggregate structure, improve water storage and moisture retention ability, improve fertilizer utilization rate and reduce fertilizer use.Corn field should be divided into bottom fertilizer, seed fertilizer, topdressing, stratified, sub – application, do not advocate “one shelling”.Soybean field advocated one-time deep bottom fertilizer, so as to separate seed and fertilizer.Timely seedling, scientific cultivation of strong seedlings.To buckle the shed early, improve the ground temperature, do a good job of rice seed selection, disinfection, germination and other preparations before sowing.Sowing in time when the average temperature is above 5℃ for 5 consecutive days.According to the cultivation of strong seedling requirements, strict control of seeding.Strengthen seedling stage management, timely ventilation and training seedlings, reasonable control of temperature and humidity, at the same time with pharmaceutical control measures to prevent the occurrence of disease, insects and grass.Pay attention to weather changes and prevent “reverse cold”.Scientific weed control, safe and accurate drug use.The formulation of safe, high efficiency and low risk herbicide should be selected for chemical weed control in dry field.Plots with better soil moisture content can be used for soil sealing weeding before seedling.In the middle and western regions, weeding of stems and leaves after seedling is advocated.Where possible, the use of pesticides can be reduced by combining mechanical, manual and chemical weeding methods.We will strengthen monitoring and early warning, and comprehensively prevent and control diseases and insect pests.In 2022, the main crop diseases, insects and rodents in the whole province will show a moderate occurrence trend, and the estimated incidence area is about 87 million mu, mainly corn borer, underground pests, rice blast, corn big spot disease, farmland rodents, and spoonmoth.We should adhere to the principle of “prevention first and comprehensive prevention and control”, give priority to agricultural, physical and biological prevention and control, carry out chemical control in a scientific and rational way, and promote the integrated development of green prevention and control and unified prevention and control.