The more I do, the happier I am!Students from Hangzhou Primary School have made a new way to do their homework during winter vacation.

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Tang Lingying, correspondent of Qianjiang Evening News · Hour News, today is the registration day of school, the children have to hand in their winter vacation homework.As the first winter holiday under the background of “double reduction”, in order to actively implement the “double reduction” policy, promote the development of children in many aspects, let the children experience the fun of life and learning, Hangzhou left primary schools arranged very interesting winter holiday homework.A winter holiday has passed, how did the students do their homework?Burning like fire to welcome the Winter Olympics the top flow list must have the name of “Ice Dun Dun”, Hangzhou left primary school children enthusiasm, created a lot of works, there are pictures of ice Dun dun, paper-cut ice dun dun dun, tangyuan ice Dun dun dun, hand-painted ice Dun dun……These lifelike works also let the children pay more attention to the Winter Olympic Games, Zhou Tianyi class 502 students can’t wait to go to the skating rink.The moment of winning the gold medal in the Olympic Winter Games makes people’s blood boil. The fighting spirit of athletes takes root in the hearts of young children. Many students take athletes as their role models and aspire to hone themselves and make contributions to the motherland.The opening of the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou is coming. The children can’t wait to cheer for the Asian Games. Chen Ziman of Class 302 made a hand-made Asian Games Fuhua, Li Shuo of class 407 designed the food Asian Games logo, Shi Hanyu and Dai Yujing drew hand-painted Asian Games paintings…The students are looking forward to the Asian Games.Small orange lights, tiger shoes, Chinese paintings, handmade tiger puppets…Students dexterity, the year of the Tiger show.Want to know the charm of science, then move your hands to do experiments together, 301 Class Wang Sirui, 403 class Gan Fan and 504 class Zheng Shuyi three students became a little scientist in the winter vacation.Out of the house to find “heart” meaning to put on Hanfu walk in the snow, blowing a song “plum blossom falls”, we seem to place ourselves in the ancient courtyard to appreciate the beauty of winter.Take to the streets, put on your badge, be a little volunteer, and give your heart in the winter.