Russia takes 3rd gold!Cross country ski relay advantage!China’s four golden flowers no. 10 is not easy

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics continue on February 12, 2022 Beijing time.It was another day of gold medal competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics, including the final of the women’s 4x5km relay in cross-country skiing.The Chinese team is again challenging for the top spot in the medal table.Cross-country skiing has a long history in the Winter Olympics.The Chinese Team has also participated in the Winter Olympics for many years and has accumulated many excellent talents in this event.China.The sport of cross-country skiing has also developed rapidly in recent years and has narrowed the gap with the strong teams in Europe and the United States.It’s also a top team in Asia.The Chinese have yet to win a single gold medal in cross-country skiing, but they are also expected to win a medal in the 4x5km.Li Xin, Chi Chunxue, Ma Qinghua and Jia Lin will represent China in the cross-country skiing event.These players are among the top players in the country.And it’s not easy for these guys to participate in cross-country skiing for a long time.In the environment of ice and snow, not afraid of cold training.The four golden flowers of the Chinese team are also looking forward to a breakthrough in the Winter Olympics.This competition is in the home battle Chinese army with the advantage of the home field also look forward to another good performance for Chinese army.In the women’s 4 x 5 km relay race, each team member will run 5 km of cross-country skiing.It will be a big test of the athletes’ physical strength and endurance.In this competition, the Russian team is the favorite to win the gold medal in the first leg of the team to the first group.And the German team is not weak just behind the Russian team, although there is a certain speed gap with the Russian team, but the Spirit of the German team is also left a deep impression on people.At the fourth leg of the race, The German team temporarily took the first place. However, the Russian team was a super team that had been skiing in the cross-country. At the end of the race, the Russian team began to sprint.He finished 18 seconds ahead of Germany.The Group advantage of the Russian team is still quite obvious.The four players are all good, commendable.Finally, The Russian team also won the third gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics by virtue of the overall advantage.While Germany won the second place, Sweden held on and was overtaken by Germany at the last moment, and finally ranked third and won the precious third place.China did not finish on the podium, but finishing 10th was not easy enough.The Chinese team and the Canadian team also left a deep impression on the audience.A good interpretation of the Olympic spirit.In the future, The Chinese army will make persistent efforts.Expect to finish on the podium in this event.