Tes0-2 was hit by RNG, the second was also hit a “linglong tower”, do not face!

2022-05-18 0 By

On The night of February 12th, LPL’s new season ushered in a focal battle between the two sides of the game is TES and RNG.Because TES and RNG team are all Chinese class configuration, and the lineup is very luxurious, so this “to reach the full Chinese class” game is also attracted the attention of many fans, especially this game or TES new auxiliary MARK debut.Finally, after two matches, RNG easily beat TES, and the second beat TES a “linglong tower”.And throughout the TES five players play this game, playing wild Day and auxiliary MARK can be said to be the most when people, although lost the game, but their play is fairly good, really want to carry the heavy pot or TES double CKnight and JackeyLove.After the two games, Knight’s performance was the most outstanding one. The team was always the last to come to the game, and he started to raise his father online.On the other hand, RNG’s Tiger, no matter against the line, wandering and team battle, is completely superior to Knight. When the team was in adversity, he also stepped up to lead his teammates to turn the game, and won MVP in both games.As for JackeyLove, his problem is the same as before, but the line can not play, the first group was struck by lightning, always sudden death, the group is also very confused, Zeli does not collect the incomplete blood to chase a full of blood Akali, or flash to chase.Throughout the match, JackeyLove gave me the impression that he was too casual, not rigorous at all, and very confused in his handling and decision-making.To know this year but Asian Games year, before the start of the new season, many people feel TES double CKnight and JackeyLove will be a strong competitor in the Asian Games and AD position, but play up to now, don’t say the Asian Games, TES can not enter the playoffs are a problem.Knight is invisible, blared by Rookie, blared by tiger, JackeyLove is stable and dead, nothing like champion AD.Use now very hot terrier say is “somebody else small day also have reason to say, I take what team, I take FPX, you this group of people is what person, you call me to take.Where is TES now?There’s only a few of them. You’re a sailor and you’re a double C. Can he be a C?C: No, I can’t. You know what I mean?After WE lose, WE lose LGD, then TT, and then nobody loses.””You don’t have a good foundation in games like this. Can you assure me that he can win in crucial games like the Asian Games or S games?Be practical. I urge you to understand my philosophy of tactics and operations first.Casa, 369 is pretty good what did you change him for You tell me, you lost RNG a “linglong tower”, you tell me how to explain?The face is gone.”I personally still like TES, but they’ve been playing so poorly lately that it’s hard to believe in them.Finally, what are your thoughts on TES vs RNG?Leave a comment below.