Kane’s amazing fight!95 minutes kill, double cannon + 3 goals, guadalupe down on his knees

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Why are Manchester City making repeated bids for Kane in the 2021 summer window?Manchester City gave tottenham an answer as Kane not only scored twice, taking part in all three goals, but also scored the winner in the dying seconds to give tottenham a double over the Blue Moon.In the opening minutes, Son heung-min provided an assist for Khurusevski.Kane, however, was one of the goalscorers, and it was his sharp cut in midfield that gave Spurs a two-on-one.Carragher commented: “Manchester City wanted Kane last summer because he was a goalscorer.But we see another quality in him, he is one of the best passers in the Premier League.After City equalised, the game went into Kane time.In the 58th minute, Kane scored with a shot from Son’s diagonal pass.Kane added a second 15 minutes later after knocking off a defender, but khurusevski was ruled out for offside.After Mahrez scored from the penalty spot in the 88th minute, Kane came out again seven minutes later and headed home the winner in the sixth minute of stoppage time.After Kane scored the winner, Conte celebrated wildly as Guardiola beat the grass in frustration.Remarkably, Kane’s goal came in the 94th minute and 25 seconds of the game, city’s latest goal conceded in the Premier League since Michael Owen’s goal in September 2009.Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City have been Kane’s Nemesis, with Kane never finding the net in his first nine matches against the guardiola side.However, he broke the spell, scoring twice and taking part in all three goals.Souness commented: “Kane was really good, he put himself in the window again.It was a masterclass performance by Spurs, a masterclass performance on the counter-attack.Tottenham not only scored a premier League double over Manchester City but also ended a three-game run of defeats thanks to Kane’s winner.Guardiola may even regret not signing Kane eight months ago when he saw him score the winner.