“Winter Shift” changes the script kill reruns + who the killer is + the truth revealed plot

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Who’s the killer of winter Shift?The full version of Winter Shift is here!This article is for the script to kill “Winter Shift” character introduction + technique motivation + story truth + who is the murderer, I believe that after reading this article, you will have a deeper understanding of “Winter Shift”.
Changed detective script to kill “winter move” introduction: dusk invisible, is a true and false difficult to discern.The night is long, the winter hospital is disillusioned.Thick with mist and blood in mysterious spots.Thousands of miles away, to meet without fear exhaustion.Warm tips: ① This script is the final one of the series, but the story content is not related to the previous three books, so the detectives can rest assured to play;② The number of the story reasoning of this script is about the same as the number of case reasoning questions. Please open the book according to your preference.③ This script is double PVE, and the murderer is not among the players. In order to ensure the game experience, it is strongly suggested that detectives set acquaintance bureau. Because the story Angle of the two characters is very different, so if there is a jump, please disband and reopen;(4) The script is not difficult, but there are still a lot of details in the script, I hope detectives pay more attention to the details of the script (especially the red letter part and clue map information in the script), the process of the game need to fully communicate with partners, trust each other, to solve all the secrets together;⑤ All Settings in this script shall be subject to this story description.Character information: Zheng Tang: veteran detective, handsome Ye Wan: hospital patient, beautiful 1: What type of drama is Winter Shift?Modern, Sci-fi 2: Winter Shift is how many people can play the script kill?Winter Shift supports up to 2 players