Who is afraid of who ah!Three missile cruisers versus three aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean?

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Three Us, French and Italian aircraft carriers are poised in the Mediterranean.Ukraine and Russia, of course.After the New Year, the situation between Russia and Ukraine is still tense, and NATO is taking battle in the Mediterranean Sea. The three aircraft carriers from the United States, France and Italy took a rare photo together recently, trying to exert strong pressure on Russia.But what NATO did not expect was that Russia took out the “big killer” that had been saved for many years — known as the “carrier killer”, the three “Glorious” class guided missile cruisers specially developed in the former Soviet Union era for the purpose of suppressing the American supercarrier. For the first time in history, They were transferred from other Russian naval fleets to the operational area of the Black Sea Fleet.It is possible to group together in the Mediterranean against three NATO carriers.If anything, the Ukrainian authorities are to blame for the deterioration of the situation in Ukraine, as they move troops near the two Pro-Russian republics in the east and are said to soon exceed 50 percent of their total strength, making It impossible for Russia to stay on the sidelines.To thwart the Ukrainian authorities’ adventures, Russia deployed a large number of troops around Ukraine, quickly reaching 125,000 — a pace that the United States and Europe viewed as an invasion of Ukraine.Of course, Russia’s move also comes as NATO, led by the United States, has moved warplanes, tanks and troops into eastern Europe, including Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania, and has apparently begun to beef up its military presence in Ukraine.Russia moved an increasing number of troops to the Ukrainian-Russian border with Belarus, soon reaching 175,000, and formed assault clusters from the south, northeast and north that the United States had expected Russia to attack soon.So, efforts in the United States, Russia – the United States, Russia, Europe, Russia – NATO 3 games held talks with dense, trying to downgrade, regarding the situation in Russia and Ukraine but Russia try to put forward three withdrawal conditions: NATO must withdraw from Romania and Bulgaria, Ukraine can’t to join NATO, shall not be weapons of dangerous attack in Russia’s borders.These three conditions are tantamount to drawing red lines for NATO, and they are exactly what NATO is working towards, so the US and The EU cannot accept them at all.Sensing Russia’s intransigence, the United States and NATO have stepped up military support for Ukraine, with a flood of weapons and equipment arriving from the United States and Europe in preparation for a possible war.But Russia’s intransigence and Europe’s intransigence actually play into The HANDS of the US.Now, Europe is actively strengthening its autonomy, led by France and Germany, which has even completed nord Stream ii in cooperation with Russia in the face of harsh U.S. repression and sanctions.If Europe, whether in the EU or NATO, is not curdled, America’s grip on Europe and the world will surely faltered in the throes of recession.Therefore, despite Russia’s repeated assertion that it has no plans to invade Ukraine, and Ukraine’s repeated assertion that it has seen no signs of Russian invasion, the United States is still hyping up a war between Russia and Ukraine after the Winter Olympics, regardless of the voices of the two countries concerned.Thus, the speculation is that the US is not trying to protect Ukraine, but to stoke up the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in order to achieve greater control over Europe and NATO, and to implement a plan to sell US energy to Europe.Under the operation of the United States, three NATO aircraft carriers — THE US CVN-75 Truman, The French Charles de Gaulle and the Italian Kafur — formed a strike group and conducted exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, aiming to send a signal to Russia.The glorious class cruiser of The Russian Navy is a famous aircraft carrier killer, however, Russia, which has the name of a fighting nation, is not easy to provoke. A large number of ships transferred from the Northern fleet and the Pacific Fleet also began to enter the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, and actively deal with the contingency.Among them, the Guided-missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov of the Russian Northern Fleet has entered the Mediterranean Sea, the guided-missile cruiser Varyag of the Pacific Fleet has entered the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal, and the guided-missile cruiser Moskva of the Black Sea Fleet does not rule out the possibility of entering the Mediterranean Sea from the Black Sea.If the situation calls for it, three Russian guided missile cruisers will face off against three NATO aircraft carriers, and a “third World war” will not be ruled out.(CGW316 at 2022.02.11)