Tiger year said tiger, check huangshan those tiger related scenic spots

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In traditional Chinese aesthetics, zodiac culture represents auspiciousness, harmony and blessing, with rich colors and meanings.At this moment, it is the Spring Festival, the old idiom of the ox, the year of the Tiger in the lunar calendar has stood on the mountain.In the Chinese zodiac, Yin and tiger are strong, powerful and domineering, symbolizing courage and toughness.In Huangshan, there are many scenic spots related to the domitable tiger.Tiger year said tiger, tiger pentium open spectacular, and listen to the xiaobian “tiger” said, you see the officer quickly keep up with the footsteps of xiaobian, look at huangshan those named by the “tiger” attractions!Black tiger pines when it comes to the scenic spots related to tigers in Huangshan, black tiger pines, one of the top ten pines, is an inescapable topic.It is located at the crossroads of white Swan Ling to Beihai and Shixin Peak. Its branches stand erect, thick branches and dense leaves cover the sky and the sun, covering an area of about 100 square meters.Legend has long ago a monk to the lion forest, suddenly saw a black tiger lying on the top of the pine, after looking for the black tiger disappeared, I saw the ancient pine tall and vigorous, imposing manner, together with the tree shape and such as wild grass “tiger” word, so named black tiger pine.Do not know the year of the tiger huangshan scenery to enjoy the winter snow you encounter such a black tiger pine will react?Xiaobian is hoping that we can touch this “tiger spirit”, in the New Year.Wu Song tiger went to the West Sea, passing by yunting, listed rocks will be able to attract your eyes.If you look carefully, in the right front of the pine forest peak waist, there are two rocks close together, the middle of a slight gap.On the right side of the stone is like a warrior, majestic and magnificent, right hand clenched fist, arm to strike;Left strange stone, like a tiger, head roaring.Take a look, whether there is that “Wu Song fight tiger” lasting appeal.Whether the story in the legend is true has no way to verify, but to see the nature of uncanny workmanship, aftertaste of Shi Nai an’s artistic conception of creation, but also enjoy it.Tiger mouth tiger is a very fierce animal, as the saying goes that the bottom of the tiger can not be touched, not to mention the tiger that full of huge teeth of the big mouth!Located at the Tiu Hsin Road crossing, there is such a landscape named tiger mouth.Step across the bridge statins XingYao tens of meters, is a huge rock, rock, loose adherent growth on the right, the left side of the boulders and sinking, like a tiger open-mouthed as cannibalism, the new road will pass through the tiger’s mouth, narrow and difficult line, so that the tiger’s mouth is also called the gallstone, the path of the boarding Bridges is more and more risks, infinite scenery in the path.Read these strange pines under the nature of uncanny workmanship, understand the story behind them, in the Year of the Tiger in the New Year is not also happy “tiger”.Of course, when it comes to the elements of the tiger, we can not lose the cliff stone carvings left by the scholars of the past dynasties. Most of them are carved on the stone walls with strange scenery, which is wonderful.White dragon Pool in pine Valley scenic spot peach blossom Creek, there is a deep pool named White Dragon Pool, on the right side of a boulder like a tiger, there are “fascinating” and “gas crown mountains, immortals stop yan” and other inscriptions.In front of the stone there are hugging ancient trees, soaring, like jiaolong, this group of stone tree scenery, collectively known as the “dragon and tiger fight”.White dragon bridge tiger head rock and there is a white dragon bridge in peach blossom Creek, along the stream hundreds of meters, considerable roadside rocks like tiger head, tiger head rock.Under the rock there is a stone bench to sit on, like a tiger devouring a man.The rock engraved with “Tiger head rock” three characters for the Southern Song Dynasty, Xi man Luo Wish book.The battle between the dragon and the tiger is not unique. Wulongtan, near White Dragon Tan, also has the “mark” of the tiger.It is also a huge stone, on both sides of which are engraved with “dragon”, “tiger” two characters, named Dragon and Tiger stone.Lying tiger stone also in the jade pool to songgu Temple hiking trail, there is a cursive for “lying tiger” two words, the diameter of the word is about 70 cm, the stone carved on it is called lying tiger stone.Stone as a book, the traces of history across time and space, look at the current age of the tiger, still in high spirits, dragon jump.In fact, there are many elements related to tiger in Huangshan. What else do you know?Welcome to tell us!Photo source: Mei Jian, Duan Xuefeng, Shi Chunsheng, Yao Xulin, CAI Ji ‘an, editor of Huangshan Quarterly magazine: Huangshan Tourism Promotion Center