Ezhou “spring breeze action” started, the first day of 1,712 people intended to choose employment at home

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The launching ceremony of spring Breeze Action 2022 in Ezhou city.The reporter tao-fai Perturbation of chaste tree hunan (hubei daily network) – (reporter tao-fai Correspondent bear good one like you) to help the masses to industry, enterprise labor demand, boost ezhou economy, on February 10, ezhou, 2022 special “spring breeze action” to start the ceremony and recruitment activities in the order of the phoenix plaza, attracted a lot of job seekers in choosing a career.At the recruitment event.According to the introduction, the recruitment activities focused on the Spring Festival after returning home unemployed migrant workers, poverty alleviation, difficult groups and other key help objects, as well as all kinds of employing units in need of employment to provide employment services, to achieve “care for post, employment assistance, employment support”.At the recruitment event.Reporter Tao Hui photo ezhou municipal Standing Committee, executive deputy mayor Li Zhonglu said that at present, Ezhou is facing a new situation of booming employment supply and demand, major adjustment of the layout of productive forces, the growth of market players, rich labor resources.More and more returnees are being lured back to their hometowns to find a desirable job “on the doorstep”.The scene of the job fair was crowded and the atmosphere was warm.Job seekers come and go to the consulting service desk of each enterprise to learn about the employment, salary and treatment of the enterprise.Staff instructs job seekers to scan codes for registration.Mr. Xu, who lives in linkong Economic Zone, is not going to Jiangsu this year. He said that Ezhou is developing well now and he is good at mechanical and electrical work. At present, several companies have thrown olive branches to him.At the recruitment event.Reporter tao-fai perturbation, the recruitment of hubei embellish kang meat, hubei tiangong power, wuhan long sharp clothing, yili dairy, Taurus LTD, yu send electrical, hui restaurant, wuhan huadian engineering equipment, etc. 215 enterprises to participate in, in product sales, sewing worker operation, operation management, administrative secretary, the types of electronic commerce, security and other type of work,Provide 13444 positions, wide selection of candidates, to meet the employment needs of all kinds of job seekers.Enterprises and job seekers add wechat to each other.Reporter Tao Hui photo from Hebei working back to Ezhou New Year’s Day Ms. Wang, early came to the recruitment site.”I’ve been working in Hebei for several years. It’s hard to work outside, and I can’t take care of children and the elderly.If I can find a suitable job when I return home, I will not go out again.Ms. Wang saw that many enterprises on the scene out of 4000 yuan to 8000 yuan salary treatment, let her very moved.The activity is divided into four thematic functional service areas: job hunting and recruitment, skill training, policy consultation and gig service.At the scene, vipshop, Renfu pharmaceutical and other 8 enterprises conducted a live network broadcast.The event was webcast.Reporter Tao Hui photo is worth paying attention to, the gig station “timely rain” small program attracted the attention of many job seekers, the program has the nearby registration, local training, timely employment, daily pay, online rights protection five functions and functions.Under the guidance of the staff, Mr. Li successfully registered real-name membership, he said: “this program is too convenient, stay at home, you can check the position through the mobile phone, participate in the training, can save a lot of time.”Staff briefed the relevant information.It is reported that as of 17:30 on February 10, the activity has reached the employment intention of 1712 people, issued more than 30,000 copies of publicity materials, 306 people signed up for training.At the recruitment event.Reporter Tao Hui photo it is understood that the activity set up a sub-venue, the same day liangzi Lake district, Linkong economic zone synchronous special recruitment, recruitment activities will continue until February 17, respectively in zelin farmers migrant workers market, Gedian development Zone square, Wudong human resources industrial park square, Huarong district talent market and other places.