Columbia University Undergraduate application Guide, study abroad in the United States elite admission?

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Columbia accepted 2,358 of 60,551 applicants for the class of 2025, a 3.9% acceptance rate.Of the freshmen, more than 95 percent of those admitted were in the top 10 percent of their graduating class.Half of applicants admitted to Columbia have SAT scores between 1510 and 1560, or ACT scores between 34 and 35.Across subject areas, popularity is almost equal: arts and humanities (23 percent), engineering (24 percent);Math and science: 26%;Social sciences: 26 percent.Another 1% are undecided.Although there is no official REQUIREMENT for GPA, according to statistics in recent years, the average GPA is over 3.5.According to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, more than 60% of Columbia students have submitted their SAT scores in the past two years, and the average score is around 1,540.The minimum score for toefl is 600 (paper-based test) or 100 (Home Edition). The minimum score for IELTS is 7.0 and must be reported directly to Columbia University.CC College founder: 6% CC College founder: 6% CC College founder: 6% CC College founder: 6% CC College founder: 6%Every student who gets into CC considers himself to be the most orthodox student at Columbia.CC attaches great importance to student leadership and influence.In addition, the enrollment of this college is quite difficult. There are basically no more than 20 students admitted from mainland China every year, and the other Students are transferred from China.Students who want to apply for CC should pay attention to both hardware and software background, and spare time can do more extracurricular activities and public welfare activities.The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), also known as the Columbia School of Engineering, is the third Engineering School in the U.S. history.Some people say that SEAS is like a cheap VERSION of MIT, and most of the students on SEAS are like Iron Heihan, nerdy.The SEAS admission rate has dropped from more than 15 percent a few years ago to a dismal 7 percent in the past two years.Compared with CC, SEAS attaches more importance to students’ academic level. Therefore, in addition to excellent academic performance, international competition experience in science and engineering will be a plus.School of General Studies acceptance rate: 32% School of General Studies acceptance rate: 32% School of General Studies acceptance rate: 32%Here you can find entrepreneurs, veterans, students who ran out of the top4 master’s and doctoral programs to retake their second degree, and all sorts of other students.GS students must have at least one gap year.GS College’s admission requirements are more relaxed than the previous two, and those with a GPA of 3.2 or above have the opportunity to apply.The students of the college are the most merit scholars among the four undergraduate universities, and almost half of them have scholarships, which can cover most of the tuition fees.Barnard College acceptance Rate: 11% This is the most unique College in Columbia. To be precise, Barnard is part of the Columbia system, sharing academic resources with Columbia, but admitting students independently, having a separate board of directors and finances, and having its own campus and dorms.Students attending BC can cross-register for courses at Columbia University, and graduates can join the Columbia Alumni Association.Barnard College of Columbia (which still has an Ivy League halo) will also be noted on the diploma.As of 2021, BC still has the lowest acceptance rate of women’s schools in the United States.Eighty-four percent of the school’s admitted students have a GPA in the top 10 percent, with an AVERAGE SAT score of around 1,450.In addition to academic achievement, prospective students can prepare a love letter to the college. Barnard is always looking for students who are a good match for the school’s mission.Wseducation001 helps you get an offer if you want to study in the US.