Dalian team now has two international players, the team can keep people?The future depends on investor planning

2022-06-04 0 By

Dalian fullback Tong Lei has been included in the Chinese Football Association’s (CFA) supplementary recruitment list for the national football team’s training camp. Dalian now has two international players, the only Chinese First League team to have one.At the beginning of the year, Li Xiaopeng delineated a training list, because of the organization of teaching competition within the team, but also to inspect the status of the players, so one time called up 52 players, Dalian people’s Team Li Shuai was selected, returned to the national football team.However, he is still on the fringes of the National football team, and eventually failed to enter the list of Japan and Vietnam.Now, the National football Team has returned to China for isolation in Suzhou and continues to prepare for the final 12 matches. In order to replenish personnel, achieve the training effect and accelerate the younger process of the team, Li Xiaopeng has recruited 10 players, among which Tong Lei is not in the 52-member list and belongs to the newly recruited players.Tong lei has been selected for the national team before, but he was just a passer-by. Now he is returning to the National team because of his potential and his age.Given time, Tong Lei should be able to become an important member of the National team.In the Chinese Super league, his accurate cross is very rare, which is the ability of the Chinese side is very needed.Dalian team now has two international players, which is the only one in China.However, if the team is silent in the secondary league for a long time, players like Tong Lei and Li Shuai will either also be silent, or it will be difficult to stay in the future.What happens in the future depends on the development of dalian, and if the team returns to the SUPER League soon, those problems may not exist.It all depends on investor planning.As long as the team line-up is complete, the club operation is stable, dalian people want to exceed is not difficult.Only, so far, the club’s direction is uncertain.