Experts: We should remain optimistic in the face of COVID-19

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Doctors of Traditional Chinese medicine have been stationed in centralized isolation centers.Shanghai, March 30 (Reporter Chen Jing) Shanghai is facing the most severe and complex challenges since the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control, with the number of new positive infections in a single day setting a new record.A total of 206 medical workers from The Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been admitted to the new International Expo Center.Zhou Jia, president of the hospital, told reporters that the medical team was the “strongest iron army” of the hospital.He offered “four keys to victory” : unity over tension;To dispel worry with rigor;Optimism to overcome fatigue;Replace apathy with love.Deng Yuhai, former member of the National Medical Team of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shanghai) Yueyang Hospital and deputy chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology of Yueyang Hospital, said, “The patients this time are somewhat different from those in Wuhan.We should pay close attention to the progress of the patients and whether they will develop into severe patients.Especially those with underlying conditions.”According to reports, yueyang hospital this time sent medical team covers in addition to respiratory medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, cardiovascular medicine, heart disease, nephropathy, gastroenterology, dermatology, general surgery, as well as non-drug therapy for the characteristics of acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, rehabilitation medicine and other clinical departments.Zhao Qing, deputy party secretary of the hospital, served as the team leader, and Tang Jie, director of the medical Department, served as the deputy team leader.Zhou Jia told reporters that the medical team is the “strongest iron army” of the hospital.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the combination of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese and western medicine has been featured in the treatment of novel coronavirus patients in China, and has achieved good results.Many traditional Chinese medicine protocols for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and upper respiratory diseases, including “Jingqi Qingshu Prescription” and “Qingshu Solid Surface Prescription” developed by senior clinical experts of Yueyang Hospital, have helped patients recover early from Leishenshan to Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center.Shanghai COVID – 19 medical treatment expert, yueyang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine cure not ill, said zhou Yang, director of the center of the “medical team will further give full play to the characteristics and advantages of Chinese medicine, according to the country’s ninth edition COVID – 19 therapeutic regimen and Shanghai spring edition will be coronavirus diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine expert consensus and actively using the technical methods to carry out the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine,Protect the health of the infected.”Team leader Zhao Qing said: “we are well prepared, both materials and personnel are fully prepared, plus previous treatment, epidemic prevention experience, we are confident that we will win this tough battle!”The reporter learned in an interview on the same day that TCM advocates “harmony between man and nature” and harmony between man and nature.Wang Fei, an expert in integrative medicine of Western medicine at Shanghai No. 10 People’s Hospital, said COVID-19 is a test of nature for human beings, so people should keep an optimistic mental state, eat properly, work and rest regularly, stay healthy and do their best.Wang explained that modern Chinese medicine classifies it into the category of “plague”, “hapen gas” and “epidemic virus” according to the incidence, pathogenic characteristics, pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of novel Coronavirus.According to the preface to The Treatise on February-Epidemic, “Pestilence is a disease, not wind, not cold, not heat, not dampness, but a feeling of different air between heaven and earth.”In the theory of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, COVID-19 is an exogenous pathogen with strong infectivity.According to the expert, TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine believes that “healthy qi is stored inside and evil can’t be done;The occurrence of disease is the result of the combined action of “positive qi deficiency” and “evil qi flourishing”.Prevention of disease should emphasize health preservation, form a healthy concept, prevent the occurrence of disease, so as to achieve “cure”, set the immune “golden clock”, prevent the attack of novel coronavirus.(End) (