Wengqi Public Security Bureau traffic control Brigade successfully completed the 2022 Qingming Festival traffic security work

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In order to ensure the “Qingming festival” during the area of mass mourning activities of traffic safety, to ensure the safety of people travel.Wengqi Public Security Bureau traffic control brigade planned in advance, carefully organized, implemented measures, increased police deployment, strengthen the control of key sections and time periods, to maintain the road traffic safety, orderly, smooth, and successfully completed the road traffic safety management work during the “Qingming festival”.First, strengthen organizational leadership, planning and deployment in advance.During the qingming festival “to” road traffic safety management, traffic brigade “qingming festival” during work deployment meeting ahead of time, combined with epidemic prevention and control and reducing “control” job requirements, to work during the period of “qingming festival” has carried on the thorough deployment, achieve personal key areas, create positions, proportional amount, key sections of uninterrupted patrol controls,To ensure the “Qingming festival” during the key sections of traffic safety.Second, the leadership forward command, the whole police mobilization to protect chang.In order to strengthen road control, “Qingming” holiday for three days, the brigade squad leaders led the police on duty every day to the area of the squadron on duty preparation and road patrol situation surprise inspection, and required the squadron strictly implement the control requirements, to maintain the area of traffic order safety and smooth.Third, reasonable arrangement of work, strengthen road control.The squadrons reasonably arranged their duties, comprehensively strengthened road patrol and control, improved the “police rate” and “steward rate” of the main roads under their jurisdiction, did a good job in traffic guidance, severely investigated and punished all kinds of serious road traffic violations, and created a good traffic environment for the Qingming Festival.Fourth, strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure the implementation of the work.During the holidays, WengQi government deputy banners, public security bureau chief cheng wai, zhi-yong wang and city traffic detachment, deputy director of deputy division marshal xiang-dong zheng in-depth WengQi respectively along the squadron at the grass-roots level and GuoShengDao road, multiple sections of key sections, accidents and jurisdiction police arrive since the field supervisor inspections and the traffic situation, vigorously promote holiday traffic security measures and fall to the ground,Ensure safe and smooth road traffic.Fifth, strengthen public opinion publicity and carry out convenient services.Through the new media platform and “two announcements and one hint”, the brigade timely releases the traffic conditions and management measures of each section under its jurisdiction, increases the publicity of traffic safety, guides the people to choose the right way and route of travel, and actively provides convenient and beneficial services for the people.So far, in WengQi public security bureau traffic brigade under the joint efforts of all the people of the auxiliary police, “qingming festival” during my flag jurisdiction overall smooth and orderly road traffic order, not happened for a long time the traffic congestion of large area, no major road traffic accidents, the strong guarantee the travel safety of the masses, the successful completion of the road traffic security tasks in 2022 during the ching Ming festival small long vacation.Source | Traffic Management Brigade Hada editor | Zhou Haimei review | Luo Hongmei wechat official number | Chifeng Wengniute Banner Public Security Bureau Sina Weibo | Chifeng Wengniute Banner Public Security Bureau