Fuzhou wheat field real estate: the house to us, you rest assured

2022-06-07 0 By

Recently, Fuzhou Wheat Field real estate received a thank you letter from customer Peng Jie, in which she praised the business manager Chen Guilan and agent Luo Qingrong of fengshan store in fuzhou Maitian Olympic Sports North District.The story behind this letter begins in 2018. At that time, Sister Peng was in urgent need of renting a house in Jinshan Orange Garden Phase II. After commissioning the house in other agencies, she did not find a suitable tenant.At that time, although Chen Guilan just joined the company, it only took her 2 days to help Sister Peng find a suitable tenant. Sister Peng said in the letter, “The store is not far away, the key is to have a heart to serve customers, it is up to people, with you so dedicated staff, the house to you, I really feel relieved.”Since then, the house has been rented by Chen Guilan.In May 2021, the house expires Sister Peng still contacted her, that sister Peng needs to move down from the 6th floor and then moved to the 3rd floor, they organized fengshang store A group of all partners to help.Wheat field Olympic Sports north Maple shop A group of all partners later, Maple shop Luo Qingrong responsible for Peng sister’s housing rental matters.In the process of taking a look found that part of the equipment in the house has been damaged, Sister Peng will contact the maintenance, handling master, was told to spend nearly one thousand yuan.After Luo Qingrong knew this, he took the initiative to check and repair the door lock, lampblack machine, sewer, toilet…Let busy Sister Peng save trouble and worry, but also save a sum of money, after the tenant maintenance matters are also responsible for Luo Qingrong.Wheat field real estate broker Luo Qingrong to help Peng Sister repair air conditioning, Peng sister special editor thank you letter and call fuzhou wheat field headquarters partners, thank Chen Guilan and Luo Qingrong carefully, and send them and the blessing of the wheat field.This is the recognition of the real estate of Wheat field, but also the strength of mutual trust of real estate brokers. We are grateful to every customer who entrust the real estate transaction to Wheat Field. It is their choice and recognition that creates more trust and touching.Also thanks to each create wheat field word of mouth service, their sincere pay, so that professional and reliable deep in the hearts of people.In the future, wheat field will proceed straight ahead, so that every customer recognized wheat field, continue to enjoy relaxed and cheerful real estate services.