Raise the lamp of human civilization

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The world has been waiting for this day for 4 years and China has been preparing for it for 7 years.It has been 14 years since the 2008 Beijing Olympics.In fact, it is more than 14 years. It is the re-meeting of the thousand-year-old Chinese civilization and the thousand-year-old Olympic spirit, the re-meeting of the century-old modern China and the century-old modern Olympic Games, and China’s commitment to the world after “returning to center stage”.We have fulfilled our commitment to the world with a thousand years of heritage, a hundred years of hard work, 14 years of progress from summer to winter and seven years of progress.—————————— The COVID-19 pandemic and various anti-globalization winds have made it particularly difficult for China to deliver on this promise.To meet the arrival of this day, we are extremely hard, pay double efforts.But that is why we are fully aware of the significance of this commitment to the world, the value of the Winter Olympics for global solidarity, and the importance of a community of shared future for mankind today.The COVID-19 pandemic, now in its third year, is creating death, quarantines and closures;A “new Cold War” and anti-globalization are sweeping the world, creating chaos, hatred and confrontation.The world is in desperate need of warmth and embrace, of solidarity and cohesive narrative.The world is waiting for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, is waiting for a beautiful feast of ice and snow sports, but also waiting for a “together for the future” family photo!Yeah, it’s hard enough for the world to take a family photo.The pandemic has made gatherings that used to be common difficult, especially for global sports parties.Therefore, when people finally get together, they will cherish it very much: singing singing, dancing dancing, life is still going on, which means that the lamp of human civilization is still on!Yes, this is what the world is looking forward to most of the Beijing Winter Olympics, a global event that went on as planned, with trumpets, jubilation and human resilience.Despite the ravages of the epidemic, the obstacles created by anti-globalization, and the isolation and isolation of the frozen world, the Family photo of the Winter Olympics reassured the world, the light of human civilization remains shining, and the community with a shared future is bound by one heart.The comparisons between the 2008 and 2022 Games are natural, just as the 2008 Summer Games were held in Beijing in the aftermath of the financial crisis.China overcame all the challenges and hosted an unforgettable and exciting Olympic Games.The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games made an important contribution to stimulating global economic recovery and brought development advantages to China, the host country.History has always been strikingly similar.We seem to have come full circle. China is about to host the Winter Olympics at a time when the world is facing crisis and conflict and needs to find hope again.In a meeting with International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach on the eve of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Xi jinping said, “The ‘greater unity’ advocated by the Olympic Movement is what is most needed in today’s era.We have come up with the slogan ‘Together for the Future’ for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Today, inspired by the Olympic spirit, nearly 3,000 athletes from about 90 countries and regions gather under the Five Ring flags to carry out various competitions. The sound of peace spreads throughout the world and the lamp of civilization illuminates people’s hearts.For host China, the Winter Olympics bring many benefits: economic recovery, the popularity of snow sports and the coordinated development of The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. But the biggest benefit is that it can lift the national spirit and show the country’s image.Journalists from all over the world are gathering in Beijing, and the worldwide live coverage is about to start. Beijing is the focus of the world in February, and we are in the spotlight.Fourteen years have passed since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and great changes have taken place in Both China and the world.Thanks to unremitting efforts, China’s national strength has risen significantly. Its GDP has increased from 3.37 trillion US dollars to 17.73 trillion US dollars, and its per capita GDP has increased from 2,520 US dollars to 12,500 US dollars. China has become the world’s second largest economy.The world is looking at China afresh, and China is readjusting its relations with the world.The Olympic Games is a symbol of the economic and social development of the host country.The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games amazed the world with its “incomparable” grand, which contains our eagerness to be understood and recognized by the world, hoping to show the best family background and the thickest heritage.But by the Olympics, the government and the people’s state of mind is calm relaxed a lot of, the “double” the director zhang yimou tells a reporter, we have no need to tell others who we are and do not need to show the glory of our past civilization, the world has seen our wonderful, what we need now is about contemporary China and contemporary China’s understanding of human destiny.From what the opening ceremony has revealed, we can see this relaxation and peace.Unlike the 15,000 professional performers who performed at the 2008 Summer Games, the opening ceremony will feature only 3,000 people, mostly amateurs, including primary and secondary school students, retirees and ordinary people in various professions.With their happy smiling faces and graceful dancing, they present a credible, lovely and respectable China to the world.General Secretary Xi Jinping once said, “The Lion of China has woken up, but it is a peaceful, amiable and civilized lion.”The “rejuvenation” that the Chinese people seek is not a return to the heyday of the Han and Tang dynasties, or a return to the old dream of “all nations coming together”. Rather, it is to enable China to catch up with the trend of the world and enable the Chinese nation to stand proudly among the nations of the world.According to the directors, 95 percent of the participants in the opening ceremony were teenagers, which conveyed a clear vision of the future.Contemporary Chinese youth are a generation that looks down at the world and has a new “worldview” of “the world’s second largest economy”.”We emphasize the ‘level view’, what we want is an equality, neither overlooking, nor need to look up”.Looking at the world is a kind of Angle and attitude, but also a kind of strength and confidence.”Stand up” is the basis of looking up at the world, kneeling, lying down can only look up to the world, looking up is out of the question.”Rich” is the support of looking at the world, poor jingle jingle what to take to be equal to others?”Strong” is the guarantee of looking at the world, reforming orientation, can be confident calm.Young people born and raised in the era of rapid development with the door open to the outside world have the confidence to “look at the world”, under the spotlight of the world, will also show the spirit of the “Winter Olympics generation”.In His speech at the Moscow Institute of International Relations in March 2013, President Xi Jinping put forward the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind for the first time.The speech was seen as China’s judgment on the direction of human civilization, as a responsible major country, breaking through the scope of bilateral relations.Two years later, Beijing and Zhangjiakou won a joint bid to host the Winter Olympics.According to the IOC, the host of each Olympic Games must first define a vision that expresses the unique understanding of the host country and city of the Olympic Movement.Therefore, promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind has become the ultimate goal and vision of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.Xi general secretary pointed out: “the community of human destiny, just as its name implies, it is every nation, every country’s destiny closely relates in together, should be thin, blame, trying to get our born and bred the planet into a harmonious big family, the people all over the world for a better life yearning to become a reality.”This concept is highly consistent with the Olympic spirit of “swifter, Higher, stronger” added on the basis of the expression of “more united”, eventually condensed into the Winter Olympics slogan “together for the future”.This is the enrichment and development of the Olympic values and will become the spiritual legacy of the Beijing Winter Olympics to the international Olympic Movement.The world today is undergoing profound changes. The general trend of “rising east and falling West” is irreversible. However, those who lose power in the new order will not be content with it.Fast-developing China is at the forefront of the storm. As you can imagine, the Beijing Winter Olympics will inevitably bring some disturbances and noises.We will be living with this complex international environment for a long time.We should embrace the world, stand firm, remain confident and resolute, and be citizens of a big country. The Beijing Winter Olympics will be a good training ground for us to be tested and grow.Seven years ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping told President Thomas Bach that “we will fully honor every promise made in the bidding process and deliver a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Winter Olympics to the world.”Having gone through thousands of hardships and overcome all difficulties, today, the curtain of the Beijing Winter Olympics opens, the lamp of civilization is raised, the world looks east, together to the future!Editor: Kong Ming Source: China Youth Daily