Beside the canal, the ancient city of The Way of Heaven

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Watching the TV series “The Way of Heaven”, when I saw the Guangyue Tower at that moment, I recognized the TV story in the main place of the ancient city, is Liaocheng, Shandong.I hurried to Liaocheng once and stayed a day and a night.Although I was not impressed and knew much about the city, I fell in love with it.The pattern of the whole city is well preserved. Beside the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, in the lake around the city, there is such a square old city.In the very center of the ancient city lies the high and large Guangyue Tower.After dinner at the south gate that day, it was already late and I could only enjoy the night.Unfortunately, the wall was demolished in 1947, and only the base remains.The shing Mun tower should have been restored later.Standing by the lake, cool breeze.Three or two passers-by, or line or sit, comfortable and leisurely.Across the lake is the new city surrounding the old city, and in the distance a ferris wheel lights up the night sky.There was a stall selling coconuts by the roadside. I bought two coconuts to quench my thirst.The stall owner’s children still insisted on studying under the light.The only pity is that the rebuilding and maintenance of the old town do not seem to have been satisfactory.Reconstruction began in April 2009, exactly ten years to the day.During this period, like many other ancient cities in China, aborigines were moved out and many new antique buildings were built. The question of “dismantling the real and building the fake” was never interrupted.And the original charm and vitality of the city, also faded a lot.I hope the ancient city can be closer to its former style if I ever visit it again.