The grand patriarch of the Yuan Dao clan is dying with the chaos?It is rare to rob a man of courage

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As the elder of the Yuan Dao clan, yuan Yuyin’s behavior at this time is not very rational.Nevertheless love always can dizzy the head of a person, since rob the person of respect give oneself to die, that yuan way clan elder also cannot sit idly by and ignore, this pair of “fugitive yuanyang”, really want to be in the boundless world and chaos clan old ancestor perish together?Actually rob zunzao what on earth card, to now also not clear.Is it really just self-destructing?Before many book friends speculated that the zunzun will not explode god source, because the possibility of mistakenly killed others.But now on the scene and unjacked zunzu familiar with only one yuan dao clan elder, the other can be said to be the enemy, especially chaos old zu, so unjacked zunzu from the source of god has no worries.That said, of course, there may be some differences in reality.After all, no one really wants to die, and if there were a better solution, it would certainly not be self-destructing.Say again deal with chaos old ancestor also really have other tricks – print snow day.Chaos old ancestor is clear and nine dead different emperor cooperation, want routine excellent Tan Poluo flowers to renew life, but now do not know how to use the best Tan Poluo flowers, so bend.And India snow day has now been determined to and nine dead different emperor turned, after all, nine dead different emperor is the first god, this is very adverse to the whole universe situation.If chaos Lao Zu die to keep nine dead different emperor, then no doubt will offend India snow day, as a real half ancestor, India snow day with can destroy chaos Lao Zu.Although the distance between the chaotic ancestor and the half-ancestor is estimated to be one step away, but it is the difference between heaven and earth.Now chaozu is only by the formation and accumulation of chaozu to seal the snow.And the Indian snow day is actually out of sleep.The key is that the chaos of the old ancestor does not know the printing snow day has been out of trouble, still want to cheat to rob zunzu mani bead, in this case nine dead different emperor if to chaos Lao Zu for help, chaos Lao Zu is sure to want to see, just hit the possibility of printing snow day muzzler is very big.So on the whole, it’s not necessary to rob the venerable and explode the spirit to save the day.What kind of person did you rob?At present the whole of the ancient people the most elusive two roles, one is green deer god King, another is robbed zunzun.These two are great, one as a god king to break into the infinite, and the other as a false god to stand side by side with the infinite (even higher level of power).Say yuan dao clan elder again, dog blood plot do not want to talk more, a stone curious is yuan Dao clan not practice god source, but practice divine fire.This is very rare.In the past, it has been said that the gods practice the star constellations, and special gods are always very strong, such as the great respect practice thirty-three days, Zhang Ruochen is tai Chi, blood Tu only practice a god planet.But it seems that everyone except Zhang Ruochen has a divine source (the divine source of the great zun was also inherited by the zunzun).Which civilization was the divine source the product of?Before the prevalence of “sorcery”, is there any cultivation system of god source?At present it is quite chaotic, it seems that the source of god itself is also a system of cultivation, even if the patriarch strong can not get rid of the shackles of this system.In ancient times, it is estimated that there is no tribe practicing the source of god. Why is this?Whether or not the divine source system is a conspiracy enveloping the ancient universe.Finally, I wish all the friends concerned about Shi can grow another five centimeters!