This is the moment a man in Chongqing saved the driver of a minibus after it flipped over and burst into flames

2022-06-09 0 By

On February 10, a video of a car accident in Chongqing chengdu-Chongqing expressway huayan tunnel made many netizens worried.The incident on February 8, a van overturned, flames, the driver was trapped in the cab, then a young man channeled out, with his own power to break open the broken windshield, fire will be the driver from the cab, 4 seconds later, the scene came a bang, the van exploded……The hero of the incident, Named Chen Jianfeng, rescued the driver and found his hands were burned by the flames. After a doctor’s evaluation, his hands were injured to the degree of second-degree burns, which will take some time to fully recover.Unfortunately, the driver was rescued, hair, face and other parts have been burned, due to inhaling excessive carbon monoxide, eventually stopped heart and left.”One minute later and he would have died in the fire,” according to the cover. Chen still remembers the accident with horror. It all happened so fast, just like in a movie, if he had hesitated for a minute, he could have died with his driver.On the day of the incident, Chen Jianfeng was preparing to walk through the tunnel to Bishan to drop off his wife and mother before driving to work in Guizhou.As he was driving normally in the tunnel, a van on the left suddenly rolled over, possibly hitting the roadbed. The van first hit his front end and then ran to the right for dozens of meters, before being forced to stop when it hit the curb.At this time, the van has burst into flames, But Chen Jianfeng did not see the driver out, he parked the car in a safe position, immediately got out of the car to save people, and family members leave the next sentence you hurriedly get off to the side of the road, is in a hurry to run.Arriving near the van, Chen Jianfeng saw the situation clearly, the main driver was hit after the normal opening, so he was facing the windshield, even kicked more than 10 feet, kicked out a more than 10 cm or so.Using so much force, Chen began to use his bare hands to pull the driver out of the window. Four seconds after they left the van, they heard “Boom!Boom!Snap!”There were three successive explosions.Chen Jianfeng said the driver was rescued when he was able to talk simply and walked to the side of the road to rest.Chen Jianfeng also took water to the driver to drink, see the driver conscious, firefighters also arrived, Chen Jianfeng left.For the news of the driver’s death, Chen Jianfeng’s mood is very low, hand burn is not a big problem, poor driver, lost loved ones.Chen jianfeng is now back at work, wearing a red bandage on his chest to hold his injured hands. Only one of his ten fingers can move.He said, for the rescue, if it happens again, or will rush up without hesitation, this is what he should do.On February 9th, a number of media awarded Chen Jianfeng a positive energy encouragement award of 20,000 yuan. Facing the pain, he smiled calmly and thanked him for coming forward!Part of the material is from: cover news, extreme news editor: Yi Yangyang