German newspaper published commentator article: seize the opportunity to achieve a new breakthrough

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Seize the opportunity to achieve a new breakthrough German Newspaper commentator the beginning is a decisive battle, the start is a sprint.On February 7, is to work on the first day after the lunar New Year holiday, choose this day in 2022 was held in our province mobilization meeting, after the communist party will do all the work this year for mobilization and deployment, the purpose is accepting heart blowing place “assembly”, supervise and urge all departments at all levels quickly switch from “new model” to “work mode”.At the beginning of the New Year, how can departments at all levels quickly enter the runway, enter the role and enter the state?The key is to clarify our thinking and focus our efforts.In the past year, The economic and social development of Texas got off to a good start.In the New Year, we still need to maintain a sense of urgency and responsibility to seize opportunities, turn challenges into opportunities, turn pressure into driving force, seize advantages and opportunities with courage and wisdom, and push the Economy of Texas to continue to ride the waves and make steady progress.The key to the steady progress of the Economy in Dezhou lies in that the state has taken the right path, followed the trend, seized the promising strategic opportunities and identified the focus of its work.From the beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy to the promotion of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, from the focus on building a strong city with advanced manufacturing industry and promoting the “triple triple” of industries to the establishment of a city with “half a ton of grain” and a “food city”, it is precisely because the city has found a new direction that it continues to present a new atmosphere.At the mobilization meeting on The 7th, the provincial Party Committee mobilized from ten aspects, and the Municipal Party Committee also put forward six specific requirements. The purpose is to play the “first battle” of high-quality development this year, and to seize the “good start” of the first season to clarify the path and indicate the direction.Only by firmly grasping the rare opportunities brought by these development strategies, industrial trends and comparative advantages can we continue to seize the momentum and dance with the wind.Opportunity is a window of fleeting time.To seize new opportunities, we need to start early and act quickly. Only by always thinking of danger in times of peace and daring to take the lead can we play the “first move” well.It should be noted that in the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, we made great efforts to develop the real economy, comprehensively deepened reform, continued to improve the industrial structure, and actively promoted the transformation of driving forces. This process itself offers great opportunities for development.In the New Year, the new situation has brought new competition and challenges. We need to continue to do a good job in ensuring operation, focusing on projects and improving the environment. More importantly, we need to make plans in advance, be good at layout, be proactive and take the initiative to seize new development opportunities and foster new economic growth points.It should also be noted that despite the triple pressures of shrinking demand, supply shocks and weakening expectations, Texas still has a lot to offer.Under the new circumstances, challenges and opportunities, we must always take a clear-cut view of politics, enhance our political judgment, understanding and ability to implement it, and firmly uphold the principle of upholding the two principles.We must firmly shoulder our responsibilities, earnestly implement the requirements of “strict, meticulous, practical and fast”, cherish every day, seize every month, sprint for the first half of the year, the whole year, and work with a vigorous style of work.The journey is long, but struggle.To turn the grand blueprint into a better reality, we need to stay focused, blaze new trails and stay committed.We need to work hard, grasp the nettle, “do not break loulan will not return”.Let us seize opportunities, forge ahead, work hard, strive for a “good start” for the first quarter, achieve “new breakthroughs” for the whole year, and greet the party’s 20th National Congress with outstanding achievements.Texas journal produced by the new media editing | |, audit Feng Guanghua final | Yin Bin