Henan Spring Festival Gala breaks netizens’ imagination again!”It’s a party?No, it’s clearly a work of art!”

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The director of the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala said he wanted to make a “party that is not like a party”.They did it!It’s hard to describe the party, but it can only be described as mind-boggling.Laugh your head off!Touched and amazed, warm and warm collision, the perfect integration of Liba people under the spring and snow, lively amazing and down-to-earth, “this is really a Spring Festival Gala audience can not imagine”, netizens while watching lamenting “the program can do so”.On the evening of January 30, the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala “Tiger Tiger Generates Wind in China”, produced by Henan Radio and TELEVISION, finally met with the audience!This is an ancient and modern blend of beautiful appearance, is a traditional culture and fashion passion collision – immersion stage, many scene space, and upgrade of cool stage again, the dance, dance, drama, crosstalk sketch, all sorts of bold, creative expression breakthrough in your imagination, in this wonderful swam in the spring,Everyone felt the significance of “Chinese Year”.As soon as the show began airing, # Henan Spring Festival Gala became a trending trending topic on Weibo.# Wang Yi’s home is where his heart is ## Zhang Xing Henan Spring Festival Gala World Peace ## Henan Spring Festival Gala culture within the coiled King # and many other entries have been hot searched on the whole platform.These wonderful and heart-warming original programs have made netizens call “I have been selected by Henan Spring Festival Gala again” and “National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance” is the aesthetic ceiling “.Someone praised “wonderful!Fancy thinking!The United States!Beautiful!Proud!”This is a Spring Festival Gala without a host.In the past, the classic IP puppets incubated by the “Chinese Festivals” series were warmly reunited. As “New Year AI symbols”, they took the audience to “cross” to different Chinese families, to feel the different flavor of the New Year, the meaning of the New Year, and the meaning of the Chinese New Year, and also “connected” the fireworks life of ordinary people.In the Spring Festival is the most important traditional holiday in the Chinese culture, the 2022 Spring Festival gala, henan in the name of “home”, through the AI, live interaction, such as science and technology, open warm “years” the universe space, with the audience look back and ahead, precipitation become an organic whole, the home countries of concentric deep feelings – 2022 Spring Festival gala in henan, revisit the excellent traditional culture of innovation.The creators lead us in the pursuit of the long-lost “New Year flavor” in traditional customs and modern technology.What is the “Flavor of the New Year”?Some people say, “The Flavor of the New Year is the identity of the nation and the longing for traditional culture.In the past, we symbolized the New Year by setting off firecrackers, pasting couplets, changing clothes and giving New Year’s money. Now, the recognition of traditional culture and the sense of belonging of the nation is the spiritual core of the ‘New Year flavor’.”But Henan Spring Festival Gala, this abstract “spiritual core” through a work of concrete expression.Bamboo, red silk, tassels, and gold leaf dance with the breeze.The flowing dance shows each process of the lantern, reflecting the Chinese “red” everywhere.The continuous transformation of time, space and scene brings together the beauty of traditional Chinese culture and craft, bringing the cultural experience with great tension…This is The Lantern Red!They climb up and down, catch insects flapping birds, they jump goat, shoot, rubber band, they rolled in the mud to play……This is the Yellow River Mud Children.!Based on the prototype of the national intangible heritage clay sculpture technique, it tells the inheritance of the Yellow River culture.These adorable children, imitating clay dolls, remind everyone of those innocent “old days” of childhood, so it’s no surprise that netizens have taken to it.As one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, Henan has many valuable cultural heritages left by thousands of ancient civilizations.The oracle-bone script found in Yin Ruins in Anyang, Henan province is the earliest mature writing system discovered so far in China.The dance program “Abundant Year” deconstructs the character “Year” in the oracle bone inscriptions, and shows the harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature through the interpretation of dancers and wishes for blessings.When the wheat gradually formed golden wheat waves wheat bran rippling, people to meet the harvest, but also indicates the strong growth of tenacious vitality.Every piece of oracle-bone imprints the ancestral complex of land, a “year” character, is the wish of blessing, but also the joy of harvest.Netizens sigh the texture of blockbusters, but also moved by the tenacious vitality.The grand event creative dance again out of the excellent “flowers bloom and fall 20 days, a city of people are if crazy”!”The peony heavy Crape Myrtle palace, xuanmen wind god capital!””Up and down five thousand years, modest gentleman pure heart, snow dance spring and autumn dance moon, foot seven color xiangyun ding Qiankun, divination divination flying dragon, east wing jiuzhou, drizzling spring breeze yan Huang” “good like Yuan Tiangang and Li Chunfeng that section, the universe, the stars of the miao, in my outside, in my.”…This is a comment on the dance “National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance”.The 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala is still making great efforts to spread traditional culture, and the creative dance shows that attracted much attention did not disappoint the netizens, and the feedback from the netizens also made the creators happy.The creators of the Spring Festival Gala in Henan province did their best to provide the audience with a feast of love.Just like the dance “National Color and Heavenly Fragrance”, it gathers eleven top Chinese dancers, including Hu Yang, Luo Wenbo, Sun Ke, Su Peng, Lu Kedi and Su Hailu.Their moving posture combined with CG effects, let Bai Juyi, Dee Renjie, Shangguan Waner, Zhang Xu, Yu Wenkai and other legendary characters “alive”, and finally together with the “peony fairy” to a grand “peony date”.The dance is resounding, recalling the tang Dynasty, luoyang Mingtang restores national beauty and heavenly fragrance, and 11 top dancers devote themselves to it, which makes netizens extol “feel the whole celebrities of The Tang Dynasty come to accompany me for the New Year”.The program also intersperses a lot of poems about peony, which makes many netizens “gain knowledge” after watching the dance. Some people say, “It’s Yu Wenkai!No wonder the man who designed and built Luoyang is holding a painting.”Compared with the gorgeous and freehand “National Beauty and Fragrance of Heaven”, “Women’s Order” is another school of heroic.Who says that women are not as good as men, do not show their edge and shine!Ling Yun, a non-hereditary inheritor of Emei Martial arts, performed Mulan, and many well-known pop dancers in the industry added many modern colors to this ancient dance.She is in the battle field before that one look back, is to the family member’s concern, is to love life tender feelings, also is the firmness of fundus convergence.Women’s Women combines dance, martial arts and cinematic narration to show the feelings of family and country, paying tribute to the independence and strength of women in different times.Some net friends see the meaning of “transformation is not necessarily magnificent, but the moment of courage, you are a hero!”There is also creative Tai Chi “The Next Second”, which is “the most unlike Tai Chi tai chi program”, “familiar”, “understand strength”, “god” triple realm, get inspiration from life, interpret the charm of the world intangible cultural heritage Tai Chi, feel the inclusive charm of tai Chi principle.What do you see when a second stretches out infinitely and you put down the fast pace of life?This is a dialogue between the creator and the audience.Different from previous years, the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala invited wang Yibo, Liu Haoran, Zhang Yixing, Zheng Yunlong and other popular stars to join.Is this to use “flow” blessing?After watching the Henan Spring Festival Gala, many netizens have doubts in their hearts a stone fell to the ground.As Chen Lei, chief director of the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala, said, these “streams” have been integrated into the theme and structure of the program, and they also interpret the definition of “year universe” in their own way as traditional cultural disseminators.That is gentle and warm, said henan Wa Wang Yibo.This time he served as “Henan Spring Festival Gala to send blessing officer”, his love can be said to be one of the most ironing moment of this Spring Festival Gala – Wang Yibo incarnation captain, high-speed train conductor, Henan traffic broadcast music, with a warm journey broadcast, welcome home.”For those who can’t go home, I also want to give these voices back to them. For those who can’t go home, please remember that Henan misses you.”The touching and tender voice has warmed the hearts of many netizens.The essence of the list of Chinese medicine, enumerating thousands of good doctors, folk music singing, singing and dancing in the sky, praise the holy hand, praise the best prescription, wish the world are healthy!I’m talking about Zhang Yixing’s world Peace.This is a work co-created by Henan Spring Festival Gala, Zhang Yixing and Fang Wenshan. It is also a song promoting traditional Chinese medicine culture.The chief director Chen Lei said that traditional Chinese medicine culture is one of the treasures that protect the Chinese nation’s descendants for thousands of years, and there is a saying that “the top cures the disease, the middle cures the disease, and the bottom cures the disease”, but what is more valuable is the great doctor’s benevolence and benevolence, which is the value of “altruism” of our nation.Therefore, the ancients have ambition not for good phase for good doctor!”Write a line of world health, write in the east!”The lyrics of Fang Wenshan’s Chinese style, coupled with zhang Yixing’s dance, make “World Peace” realize the innovative integration of science and technology and song and dance, and the breakthrough collision of trend and classic.A netizen commented: “The lyrics of ‘The World health’ have a unique appreciation of the ancient and modern traditional Chinese medicine culture, and also pay tribute to the benevolence of doctors, which has a different significance against the backdrop of the epidemic.In fact, for how to use these stars, Henan Spring Festival Gala one of the executive planning Xu Na has been very clear: “In fact, our team reached a consensus at the beginning, culture is the biggest flow, the people is the biggest flow.What we hope more is to use our favorite stars and artists to drive these traditional culture with traffic. Therefore, there should be some inevitable correlation between the ‘traffic stars’ we invite and our cultural products, which can be deeply combined. This is the real’ traffic program ‘.”The 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala is filled with a strong flavor of “yu”.In addition to the “celebrities” of the Tang Dynasty, the culture of Traditional Chinese medicine, oracle bones, and henan cuisine and dialects are also presented.For example, the short story “The Wonderful Journey of Elephants” combines Henan dialect and henan cuisine to deduce a wonderful story in a youthful and creative way.In the sketch “Don’t talk about money”, with humorous stories to express the gratitude of Henan people after experiencing various crises in the past year, talking about the true feelings of people around the warmth, but also talked about the common experience and memories and once mutual assistance and peace of mind of life now, passing warmth and gratitude in laughter!And crosstalk “High” invites “yu Yu” young crosstalk performers, incarnation of “festival” planning master, in a happy and lively atmosphere to send laughter and blessings to everyone.The 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala takes “home” as the core theme, presenting the special emotions and feelings of “home” throughout the gala.”Small family” and “big country” are intertwined and constantly appear in various programs, creating a strong flavor of the New Year and reflecting the current atmosphere of The Times.Whether it is the 119 – and 114-year-old grandparents in the VCR, or the cartoon characters of popular cultural IP such as Tang Xiao-mei and Luo Shen visiting the scene, or the life lesson of “Home and dream do not have to be different” in Zheng Yunlong’s song “Direction of Home”…The 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala has created an “annual universe” in a very warm and fun way.Your friends, family, dreams, and responsibilities are all in this “year universe”.The stage play “Thumbs up for You”, starting from a small office of People’s Daily, through the expression of two ordinary intern journalists, retrospects the extraordinary year;Songs such as The People’s River and Mountains, Heart To The Distance, and The Pilot, with their grand and passionate melodies, inspiring lyrics, and magnificent pictures, embody the majestic power of a bold new journey.Some netizens said that these programs of the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala let people see the warm emotional memories deep in their hearts, and in the special moment, the concept of family reunion extends beyond the “small family” to “everyone”, which has accumulated the profound feelings that the family and the country are one and the family and the country are united.Perhaps, as the party said: where love is, hometown is where.Home is where the heart is.