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The general public: In the happy and peaceful days of the Spring Festival, all kinds of festivals, folk customs, entertainment activities, passenger flow and logistics increased, increased fire risk.Here, wenzhou fire safety Committee office reminds: while celebrating the festival, we should always keep fire safety in mind, strengthen fire prevention, eliminate fire hazards around us in time, and jointly create a good fire safety environment to ensure peace and harmony during the Spring Festival.1. Communities should strengthen the publicity and training of fire fighting knowledge such as the use of fire, electricity and gas during festivals, and enhance residents’ awareness of fire safety and the ability to fight the initial fire and escape in emergency.Rural ancestor worship should pay attention to cleaning the surrounding combustible materials, and the grain should be fully aired before storage to prevent spontaneous combustion and fire.2. Factories and enterprises must carry out fire safety “physical examination” before holidays and start work, reasonably arrange production plans, strengthen the management of fire and electricity use in the concentrated accommodation area of employees, start work in strict accordance with the operating procedures, and strengthen the inspection and monitoring of open fire operation parts and parts prone to spark and static electricity accumulation.3. When festivals or commercial activities are held in shopping malls, markets, hotels and restaurants, the venue setting and electrical equipment should meet the requirements of fire safety regulations and be equipped with sufficient fire fighting equipment;Fire control room on duty personnel to be on duty, micro fire station personnel and security personnel to implement the on-duty inspection system, timely eliminate fire hazards.4. The management personnel of medical institutions, centralized isolation sites and other epidems-related sites should strengthen daily fire prevention inspection and patrol, ensure the unblocked evacuation channels, safety exits and fire truck channels, strengthen fire prevention publicity and training for staff and quarantined people, and timely inform them of the precautions for safe use of fire, electricity and gas and the common sense of escape and self-rescue.5. Pay attention to safety at home during the Spring Festival, use fire, electricity and gas, do not pull and connect wires randomly, keep heating appliances away from combustibles, educate children not to play with fire, go out, to do “three clear three check three passes”.6. When going shopping, traveling or lodging, be familiar with the location and escape route of the evacuation passageway, and pay attention to the storage location and use method of fire extinguishers, smoke masks and other equipment.In case of a fire to escape quickly, do not covet money, not to return to the fire to take property.7. It is strictly prohibited to occupy, block or close the safety exit, evacuation passage and fire truck passage, and it is strictly prohibited to set up obstacles that hinder the passage of fire trucks and fire fighting.8. Timely maintenance of fire fighting facilities and equipment to ensure normal use in case of fire.It is strictly prohibited to damage, divert, bury, occupy, block fire facilities and equipment.9. Fireworks should be purchased at stores with sales permits and set off safely in designated places. Fireworks are strictly prohibited in residential areas, gas stations, warehouses of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, mountains, firewood stacking and high voltage lines.Clean up embers and residue immediately after discharge.10. In case of fire, please dial 119 to report;If you find fire danger around you, please log in the APP of Zhejiang Provincial Office to search for the APP of “hidden danger with photos” to report, or call 12345 to report.At present, under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control, the Spring Festival at home and local has become the choice of many citizens.The fire department suggested that during the Spring Festival, the increase in household fire, electricity and gas consumption should always pay attention to fire safety, to do a good job of family fire safety “three clearance, three checks and three passes”.”3 qing” namely clear aisle, clear kitchen, clear balcony.Residential areas in the adoption of “road closure” “ban” and other measures, to fully consider the problem of fire truck passage, do not occupy, block, closed fire truck channel, to keep the fire safety channel unblocked, do not lock up the safety exit, do not pile up debris on the channel, park electric bicycles;The kitchen is the place with the most fire in the family. The key to clean up the kitchen is to let fuel such as oil, paper and cloth stay away from the stove and other sources of fire. At the same time, it is necessary to clean oil stains on the gas stove of the range hood regularly.Want to clear the sundry on the balcony in time, especially the inflammable, combustible such as cardboard box, paper skin, plastic.”Three checks” is to check the source, check hidden dangers, check capabilities.Electrical line fire, children playing with fire is one of the main causes of family fire, to educate children, told children not to play with fire, at the same time regularly do the inspection and maintenance of electrical lines in the home, from the source to reduce fire hazards;Do not use inferior “three without” high-power electrical products, heating equipment and combustible to keep a safe distance, do not smoke in bed, do not throw cigarette butts, do not overspray liquid disinfectant on electrical outlets, electrical equipment and other live equipment when disinfection;Actively learn to master the common sense of fire escape and self-rescue, when the fire should be calm and calm, do not panic and lust for property, according to the escape method as soon as possible to escape or wait for rescue.”Three” is to turn off the power supply, fire source, gas source.A variety of household appliances to bring convenience to residents at the same time there are also some hidden dangers, we should pay attention to the use of time and use methods, when not immediately unplug the power;Kitchen fire does not leave people, will leave the fire, in the use of all kinds of fire and furniture, clothing and other combustible maintain a safe distance, not on the electric heater covered with drying clothes, do not use “small sun” and other high-risk heating equipment;After using the gas, turn off the gas source in time, do not change the gas pipeline without authorization, and regularly check whether the gas hose has aging, shedding, leakage and other problems.Fire safety ten bad behaviors can not have in daily life, which behaviors easily cause fire?Wenzhou fire department through the analysis of fire data in recent years, summed up ten bad daily behaviors affecting fire safety, to remind the citizens to take precautions.First, electric bicycles and balance vehicles are parked and charged illegally.Electric bicycles parked in evacuation channels, safety exits, stairwells, indoor and other illegal charging is easy to cause fire, and seriously affect evacuation and escape, and smoke after fire temperature can reach 1000 degrees Celsius within 3 minutes, can lead to a four-story building full of toxic smoke.Second, the daily use of electricity in the process of the electrical line private pull disorderly connection.The fire accidents caused by electrical faults account for more than 60% of the total number of fires, private pull disorderly wiring is easy to short circuit, overload and spark, arc, overheating is easy to cause fire.3 it is illegal use heat fast, hair dryer, heater and other high-power electric appliances.Working continuously in an open water bottle will boil the water dry.A space heater can catch fire within 2 minutes of touching clothes;A hair dryer aimed at a quilt for two minutes will singe it.At the same time, the power of wires in old buildings is small, and the use of high-power electrical appliances is easy to cause short circuit fire.Fourth, the safety exit is locked, evacuation passage stacked items affect evacuation.Evacuation passage is the life passage after a fire. Once locked and piled up debris, it will not only affect evacuation and escape, but also aggravate the spread of the fire.Five is normally closed fire door in open state for a long time.The fire door is located in the landing and front room to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.Once in the open state, it will become a smoke and fire spread channel, a deadly channel.Six is the room to set up anti-theft Windows and other impact evacuation.In the event of a fire, if the stairway is cut off by smoke, install security Windows to make it impossible for people to escape.If there are anti-theft Windows, be sure to install an escape hatch that is easy to open internally.Seven is the use of gas after the total valve is not closed in time.The total valve is not closed, prone to gas leakage, once the switch into the room, telephone and open fire, will explode.Eight is unextinguished cigarette butts carelessly discarded.The center temperature of an unextinguished cigarette butt can reach 800 degrees Celsius. If a cigarette butt is discarded carelessly for 3 minutes, it can ignite a wad of paper, and for 10 minutes, it can cause a fire by smoulding sheets, sofas and other items.Nine is mobile phone chargers, battery car chargers and old electrical appliances for a long time.If the charger is not unplugged for a long time, the internal failure of electrical appliances is easy to occur, causing fire and electric shock and other accidents.Ten is the distribution box, important electrical control cabinet stacked combustible items.Distribution box, important electrical control cabinet is the main switch of electrical appliances, once a failure, easy to short circuit spark, cause surrounding combustible, fire.Source: Wenzhou Fire Department.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author and the original source, the content is the author’s opinion, does not mean that this public account agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity, nor does it constitute any other suggestions.This article is not used for any commercial purpose, the purpose of reprinting is to learn to share and pass on more information.If there are any problems related to content, copyright or other issues, please contact us in time, we will immediately correct or delete the relevant content.Our official account reserves the right to interpret this statement.Like you poke poke thumb!