Tongzi county shi Xi town: Tian yuan planting professional cooperatives to help farmers to increase income

2022-06-10 0 By

“Now is the key season for rapeseed to mature, so we need to strengthen field management to ensure a good harvest of rapeseed.”Recently, in shixi town huangping dam rape base, town agricultural technical staff Shao Peng is in the field, told the head of tianyuan planting professional cooperative Lou Fangshu to do a good job in the field management of rape.Talking about the changes and benefits brought by Tianyuan professional planting cooperative, Liang Guangfen, a villager in Huangping, said happily, “IN recent years, I have been working in Tianyuan Cooperative. While taking good care of my family, I also earn more than 30,000 yuan from work every year.”Driven by tianyuan Cooperative, Zhang Renguo, a villager in Daxing Village, transferred 100 mu of land to plant rice and rape, which not only increased his income, but also solved the local seasonal employment of more than 20 people.Lou Bilin, a villager in Daxing Village, plants more than 3 mu of rape every year, saving enough for his own food and buying the rest through tianyuan Cooperative, increasing his income by more than 2,000 yuan.It is understood that Shixi town Tianyuan planting professional cooperative was established in March 2017, under the leadership and help of the village Party branch, according to local conditions land transfer 2500 mu, the development of green ecological agricultural products with mountainous characteristics, drive the town planting 16,000 mu of rice, rape, sorghum and other grain and oil production.The rice, rape, vegetables and sorghum produced, especially “rice + fish” and “rice + duck”, are of high quality and good price, which are well received by customers and favored by the market. The demand exceeds supply in Chongqing market.In addition to developing oil production, Tianyuan Professional Planting Cooperative has also set up grain and oil processing plants, effectively solving the problem of grain and oil sales for villagers, which not only increases villagers’ income, but also organically integrates with rural tourism and farming culture, becoming a highlight of agricultural development in the new era.After unremitting efforts to develop, the cooperative has successively obtained provincial, municipal and county-level planting professional cooperation demonstration cooperatives, and was identified as the National Farmer Cooperation Demonstration Cooperatives by the National Inter-ministerial Joint Conference on the Development of Farmers cooperatives in 2020.(Wang Huaqin, Qin Yu) Source: Tongzi County people’s government network