“Traditional Chinese Medicine helps Rural Revitalization” Boyang Town, Guizhou Province: Vigorously develop the cultivation of Traditional Chinese medicine

2022-06-10 0 By

At present, it is the harvest season of uncaria sinensis, a traditional Chinese medicinal material, in the base of Uncaria sinensis in Yangliujing Village, Boyang Town, Xingren City, Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Qianxinan, Guizhou Province. Villagers are pulling out vines in their fields.Yangliujing Village is located in the southwest of Boyang Town, along the Masha River and across the river from Jichang Town, Qinglong County. It has 18 villagers’ groups under its jurisdiction, with a total of 4,099 people in 918 households.In recent years, Boyang town make full use of local soil and climate resources, constantly optimize the agricultural industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading, in barren hills and idle land vigorously develop uncaria, heavy building and other traditional Chinese medicine planting, driving the masses to get rich and increase income.”After the development of hook vine, the village is also committed to creating a ‘Qian medicine’ brand, the development of heavy building planting, a total of more than 200 acres.Next, we will cultivate leading enterprises, improve the connection between production and marketing, and constantly encourage people to participate in industrial development, so as to strive for more channels to increase people’s incomes.”Yang Fang, the first secretary of Yangliujing Village, said.In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural industrial structure, Boyang town to adjust the layout of industrial development, closely around “manage two trees, plant a good medicine” to do the “peach medicine” article, promote the integration of the development of one, two and three production.”My family has 12 mu of land, and we don’t get much income from traditional crops. We planted uncaria, and we started harvesting this year, and the income is good.””Said Liu Guangze, a farmer in Yangliujing village.Uncaria is an evergreen lianas, often grow in the altitude of 800 meters below the hillside, valley, stream, hilly areas, with hook stems and branches into medicine.Through investigation and study, the two committees of Yangliujing Village branch found that the village was very suitable for the development of uncaria cultivation, so they established a cooperative and gradually expanded the planting area through demonstration by members.”In 2019, I planted 10 mu of uncaria. After the success of planting, the people of Yangliujing Village planted 1,200 mu of uncaria. This year, we have started to make profits, selling at 4 yuan per kilogram.Xingren citizens benefit farmers professional cooperatives legal person Jin Jihua told reporters.Editor: Dong Juntong Chinese Traditional Medicine