A 32-year-old man broke down when he ran to his girlfriend, saying he felt like he was touching an old tree bark

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What about online dating?With the development of the Internet, more and more people are immersed in the Internet, and even the search for sacred love, are placed on the Internet.Is it possible to fall in love on the Internet when you don’t know each other on a screen?Some people say that online love starts from heart-to-heart, belongs to the soul of love, of course, reliable;Some people say that online love is a lie, go to the line, see the light will die.Everyone to this topic, public say public reason, po-po-po say rational, so far, there is no reliable answer!Wang Peng, a 32-year-old man, fell in love online, which made him miserable!What’s going on?Let’s see what happened to Wang Peng.Wang Peng came from an ordinary family in the countryside. His parents were farmers and were honest.Wang Peng also like parents, honest, after graduating from high school, did not take an examination of the university, has been working outside.Perhaps due to his low level of education, Wang Peng has never been very confident.Looks average, the job is average, the family condition is average, even the eloquence slants stupid, so, arrived 32 years old did not find a girlfriend.Before with the help of parents, also blind date a few girls, but did not get along for long, the other party to Wang Pengtai wooden na, interrupted contact.Wang Peng said: “DO not know why, as soon as I saw the girl’s heart was particularly nervous, in the heart of many good drafts want to say, to the mouth can not say.With a girl, after the routine questions about each other’s family, job and hobbies, all that’s left is awkwardness, which gives the impression of a hukou survey.I was hoping to meet a girl who would help me start a conversation, but I had no luck.So by the time I was 32, I had never had a proper relationship.”However, after contact with the Internet, Wang Peng seems to have solved his own communication with people, can not open the topic of distress.When communicating with people online, I don’t panic because I can’t see them, and I have more time to think about how to communicate with each other through typing.Even if you have nothing to say, you can search the Internet for jokes.Wang Peng got to know Xu Jia on the Internet and they had a good conversation.Xu Jia and Wang Peng occasionally added friends, wang Peng began to chat with polite greetings, chat is also polite.But unexpectedly, Xu Jia was very talkative. After they talked for several days, Wang peng felt that Xu Jia was the one he was looking for.Whenever the two of them chat to talk about almost nothing to say, Xu Jia always timely change the topic, never let Wang Peng feel speechless.Wang peng even enjoys this kind of chat.Through a period of deep talk, Wang Peng also gradually understand some things about Xu Jia.Xu Jia was several years older than Wang Peng. Wang Peng heard from Xu Jia’s tone that Xu Jia was about 36 years old and had been married once before. After divorce, the children belonged to her husband.Now she runs a clothing store, business is not too busy, often on the Internet to kill time, and is not averse to finding a partner.Wang Peng believed that the girl had three gold MEDALS in her arms, although she did not like Xu Jia, who had been married once and had a child.But Wang Peng also understood that he had already passed the best age of marriage, no longer the opportunity to pick and choose, to now their own conditions can meet a feeling good woman is lucky.Therefore, Wang peng also paid more attention to Xu Jia. He asked her for her home address, often bought her some small gifts, and even mailed her a big box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, which made Xu Jia very happy and even a little elated.From then on, Xu often revealed her personal information and thoughts about finding a remarriage partner when chatting with Wang.Wang Peng also often told Xu Jia that he was old and that his family often urged him to get married. He wanted to find someone he could talk to well.Chatting, two people feel that each other is quite suitable for their own, finally one day, Wang Peng took this step.Wang Peng decided to go to Xu Jia’s city. On the one hand, he wanted to give her a surprise. On the other hand, he wanted to tell her face to face and officially confirm their relationship.However, when Wang Peng saw Xu Jia, he felt a little lost. Although he had seen each other’s photos on the Internet before, there was still a big gap between the photos and the real person. Xu Jia’s thick foundation could not cover up the crow’s feet at the corners of his eyes, and the meat on his face became loose and sagging because of old age.Wang peng thought xu jia was at least 40 years old.At that time, Wang peng hesitated. He was still in his early 30s and had no children.The most important reason to marry a wife is to hope that she will give birth to a child.It was a big question whether Xu Jia could bear a child because she was so old.But xu jia became more enthusiastic and talkative after meeting Wang Peng.She said to Wang Peng, “Although I am a few years older than you, age shouldn’t matter as long as we love each other!You like me, how about we get along!”Wang Peng, in hesitation, lost his will and agreed to Xu Jia’s suggestion.After a few days together, Wang Peng regretted: “Her skin feels rough, like that of an old tree trunk. At night, when she takes off her makeup, her whole face is really hard to see. When she smiles, the crow’s feet around her eyes can kill mosquitoes.But Xu jia said she felt very good about being with me, but I don’t want to do it again at all!”In order to find out Xu Jia’s real age, Wang Peng went to her shop and asked her staff about Xu Jia while xu was not there.Again, the clerk’s words drove him crazy.”She’s got a son your age!”Wang Peng found Xu Jia and asked, “Why did you lie?”Xu Jia said sorry, “I like you too much, just lie, give me a chance, she can absolutely give you want love!”Wang Peng mercilessly showdown: “I want to find a girlfriend is not a cheater, you completely disappoint me, with me opened such a big joke, I really can not accept!”After saying that, Wang Peng resolutely blocked all contact information of Xu Jia, and they completely cut off all contact.Later, Wang peng wrote about his experience and published it on social media platforms, hoping that people can take warning not to trust online love.Xiaobian point of view from wang Peng and Xu Jia’s love experience can be seen, online love is not quite reliable.Why?Online love can cover up each other’s shortcomings temporarily.But as the unceasing development of affection, want to walk out Internet after all, once two people meet offline, defect nature cannot cover up, affection also sees light to die.The foundation of love is honesty, so be careful when making friends on the Internet, otherwise you will only regret being cheated.Net love has risk, rush now need caution!What do you think about that?