Guilin: The city is always on the road

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In guilin in winter, there are flower beds of different shapes and bright colors, clean and tidy streets, orderly traffic flows, and happy smiling faces of people…The beauty and civilization of this city are being displayed in a more vigorous and progressive manner.Urban civilization, like a living body, exhumes the old and absorbs the new.For Guilin, the honorary title of National Civilized City in 2020 is not only a milestone in the relay race of the city for many years, but also a new starting point for the establishment of spiritual civilization.As the pursuit of a better life continues, so the pace of building civilized cities is not stopping.Guilin is striding forward on the road of building and sharing a civilized city.There is no end to civilization, and the city is always on the way.Since this year, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the zhuhai as the main line, continue to deepen the practice of the new era of civilization and activities to promote cultural and ethical progress, adhere to the normalized city mechanism, further consolidate the achievements of city, to create the national civilized city, selected tree moral models, the new era of civilization practice work, local custom civilization construction, ideological and moral construction of minors work walk in the forefront,The construction of socialist spiritual civilization has made new progress, for Guilin to build a world-class tourism city gathered a strong spiritual power.Normalizing the creation of a city to build and share a happy city to create a civilized city is a happy ensemble without rest, and everyone is constantly trying to play the most beautiful harmony.Building a civilized city is not for the sake of building it. What we are building is a better life for the people, a team of loyal, clean and responsible officials, and the spirit of unity and hard work of the whole city.After winning the honorable title of “National Civilized City” in 2020, The city continues to promote the normalization of city creation.The establishment of a national civilized city on a regular basis is a powerful measure to implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Guilin. Working mechanisms such as the Action Plan for Establishing a National Civilized City on a regular basis in Guilin City from 2021 to 2023 have been formulated and implemented to promote the normalization of city creation.Package coupling mechanism can play a real role, each city and ChengGuanWei ling chuan county, city, city public security bureau traffic police detachment () charge and city construction bureau and other units in the city on the line, effectively help package urban problems, do difficult, civilized city continuously consolidate ascension create results, smoothly to meet the measurement of the central group review of the national civilized city.”Chuangcheng has brought great changes to our community!Now the community has installed charging piles for our electric cars, and we no longer need to ‘fly line charging’, everyone is very satisfied!”Sheng Long community property community residents said.”Creating a city for the people, relying on the people and benefiting the people” has always been the starting point and foothold of building a civilized city in China. The “original aspiration” of building a city can be vividly verified by the real feelings of the people.During the regular urban development, a number of issues concerning the people’s livelihood have been solved, and a number of practical matters concerning the people’s livelihood have been implemented, which has encouraged the public to support the urban development and strive to become the masters of the urban development.Since the beginning of this year, the work of creating a city in our city has been moving towards the localization.Xing ‘an County was nominated as a national civilized city.The 11th batch of civilized villages and towns in Guilin city and the review of the first to the tenth batches of Wenming villages and towns have been carried out, and 56 new application units and 203 villages and towns have been reviewed and accepted. The civilized villages and towns selection has been taken as an opportunity to promote the construction of rural culture and civilization and help rural revitalization.Up to now, there are 134 civilized towns and villages above the county (city, district) level in Zhuhai, accounting for 79.10% of the whole city’s towns and villages, 1,653 civilized villages, accounting for 78.5% of the whole city’s administrative villages.The national Civilized City, the highest honor reflecting the overall level of civilization of a city, tests not only the external appearance of the city and folk customs, but also the internal well-being of the people and the hidden humanistic spirit.Cultivating and practicing socialist core values in the whole society is the unremitting value pursuit of Guilin.Since this year, our city has started the thought political lesson into the basic level, national defense science knowledge into the campus, patriotic poetry recitation contest, culture, science and technology health “a program under which officials”, youth patriotism reading education and network “to flag oath” live hundreds of theme activities such as field (time), covering more than 73000 people, continuously deepen the first buttons “button” theme activities,Hold the stamps in the history of the party “stamp collection show,” red genetic inheritance Qingming martyrs heroes “and” childishness to party to party, I make a “beginner to the party, sing a song of red to party” “the house of my dreams” topics such as education practice, through lecture, reading, painting, design, DIY guide them to learn form of party history, feeling DangEn, go with the party,More than 888,000 students participated, passing on the red gene and revolutionary torch from generation to generation.To recognize advanced models and pursue the light of morality.The city continues to strengthen the “New Era good Youth” “most beautiful” series, moral models and other recommended selection activities.270 moral model candidates were recommended, 5 were selected as moral model of Guilin city in the sixth session, 13 were nominated, and 5 were recommended to participate in the selection of moral model of Autonomous Region and national. Cui Translated was awarded the 8th National Moral Model of Voluntary bravery, and Li Sha was nominated for the 8th National Moral Model of Helping Others.142 cases of “good people” materials were collected, and 30 “good people” were recommended to the autonomous region, 8 people were selected, and 4 people were listed as “Good people in China”, ranking among the top in the whole region.Civilized practice grounding gas civilized fashion embellishing the hearts of the people a few days ago, in longsheng ethnic autonomous county, Ma Di Township Zhangjiacun new era civilization practice station, county propaganda group lecturer to local Miao people with Miao language and Chinese “bilingual” preach the spirit of the sixth plenary Session of the 19th Party, has been praised by the masses.Since this year, the construction of the City’s New Era Civilization practice Center has been fully carried out, and the construction of the new Era Civilization Practice Center (station, station) has been regarded as an important carrier of in-depth publicity of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and standardized promotion of civilization practice.At the municipal level, 10 volunteer service teams have been set up, including theoretical preaching, culture and art. At the county level, 17 volunteer service teams have been set up for civilization practice centers, and more than 5,000 volunteer service teams have been set up by cultural talents, experts in science and technology, and local people.Focusing on the study of Party history, understanding of ideas, doing practical things and opening new bureau, the city has integrated the study and education of Party history into the civilized practice activities of the new era. The city has carried out more than 20,000 volunteer service activities, involving more than 600,000 people and serving nearly 4 million people.At the same time, the institutionalization and normalization of volunteer service in The city are also advancing.The city has more than 1.08 million real-name registered volunteers in “Guangxi Volunteer Service Network”, and the total number of registered volunteers and active degree ranks the forefront in Guangxi.This year, we have carried out more than 35,000 volunteer service activities, benefiting nearly 2 million people. We have been awarded one advanced model of Learning From Lei Feng in China and four advanced model of Learning from Lei Feng in Guangxi.The creation of a city is not only a “butterfly change” for a city to surpass itself, but also an active sprint to “make up for shortcomings” and “repair both inside and outside”.Nowadays, more and more Guilin people are using the yardstick of civilization to regulate their words and deeds, showing the civilization background of this famous mountain and water city with passion and vitality.Reporter Liu Qian Intern Dai Qi Produced by The New Media Operation Department of Guilin Daily