Longling Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Draw concentric circles of national unity and Progress with heart and love

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Walking into the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Longling County, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, a strong breeze of ethnic unity, traditional Chinese medicine culture and harmonious development comes to my face. An elderly ethnic minority patient said, “When you come here to see a doctor, the medical staff feel very warm like their relatives.”Since this year, Longling Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has closely adhered to the theme of “National unity and progress Propaganda Month”, taking “benevolence” and “medical treatment” as the carrier, taking the sense of community of the Chinese nation as the main line, providing quality medical and health services for the masses of all ethnic groups, drawing “concentric circles” of national unity and progress with heart and feeling.”Let national unity and progress, like fresh air, fill every corner, moisten everyone” is the original aspiration of every staff member of county Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.The hospital has set up a demonstration ward for ethnic unity and progress. The ward aims to “respect differences and tolerate diversity” and shows respect for the differences in life and customs of all ethnic groups. When receiving ethnic minorities in hospital, priority is given to them to be placed in the demonstration ward.”Through many times to grassroots, to the people’s doorsteps of the free medical treatment activities, the people’s health awareness is becoming stronger and stronger, but also really feel the benevolence of the doctor, promoting national unity and progress.”Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine director said.Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine with national unity progress work make hospital medical work, improve the service quality and level, as does the practical work for the masses of all nationalities, do good things together, to further consolidate and deepen the people of all ethnic groups in deeply, as close as lips and teeth, like national feelings, consciously safeguard national unity and common prosperity and progress.”Doctor, can you measure blood pressure here?””Doctor, I waist ache, hand and foot also numb, look for which doctor to see……”In the face of many villagers’ inquiries, the doctors patiently replied, carefully auscultation, ask the condition, solve the doubts, and explain the knowledge of prevention and treatment of common diseases in detail.Longling county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine care minority masses yizhen delivered, from the traditional Chinese medicine clinical business experts, the backbone of in-depth longshan town pretty dragon achang settlements, xinxiang yellow fascine dam millet to initiate a free clinic for local achang and lisu people free, efforts to build, the advocacy of all ethnic groups, members of the unity of the atmosphere.At the free clinic, the doctors measure blood pressure and see doctors for the minority people free of charge, publicize the knowledge of disease prevention and control and environmental hygiene, patiently answer the health and disease problems of the minority people, so that the minority people feel the warmth of the Party all the time.Local villagers said: “this yizhen activities is very meaningful, let’s not out of the village you can enjoy the high quality medical service, not only free inspection, also answer questions at the scene, to popularize the health knowledge of disease prevention and emergency rescue, lets everybody sick get treatment at an early date, no disease prevention, early really convenient for us.”The flower of ethnic unity is blooming in the County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. From the outpatient department to the second floor of the hospital, a block of pictorial posters and the shelves of ethnic unity and progress vividly display the vivid pictures of the medical staff of the hospital providing medical services to ethnic minorities.”I am a family member of the patient, and I am very pleased that the hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has set up a demonstration ward for ethnic unity and progress as a sign of respect for our ethnic minority patients.”These small details show the county hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the convenience of minority patients care and enthusiasm, but also the hospital’s national unity of the great feelings reflected incisively and vividly.In the process of serving patients, TCM hospitals are people-oriented and serve patients of all ethnic groups with enthusiasm.We will provide quality nursing services, adhere to the telephone return visit system, and build a bridge between doctors and patients.Hospital innovation activities, give full play to the role of the public opinion propaganda, and utilization of exhibition, publicity column, electronic display screen, etc., widely promote the party’s ethnic theory and policy, vigorously promote the concept of maintaining national unity and create harmonious hospital, the national unity work progress and related knowledge is known, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, promote national unity education work hospital.Next, longling county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine will continue to improve the quality of hospital services, medical technology, provide more high-quality medical service for carders and the masses, the national unity of the music and sing the songs of the national unity, can draw a picture together with the development of reform of new situation, strengthening core competitiveness “range map”, finally the waves, towards the sea,Set sail for the goal of letting the flower of ethnic unity blossom and constantly promoting the creation of ethnic unity and progress.(Fu Lin Xue)