A pop star has popped the question, officials say

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On April 1, child star Hao Shaowen posted a message on his Weibo account saying, “Don’t bully my wife!There are also many enthusiastic users in the comments section blessing.Hao Shaowen, born on January 4, 1990 in Taipei, Taiwan Province, is a Taiwanese actor.In 1994, he and Shi Xiaolong co-starred in zhu Yanping’s New Oolong Courtyard, playing a bald monk wearing sunglasses.In 1996, he starred in the film Ten Brothers with Zhong Zhentao, Zhang Min and Shi Xiaolong.In 1998, he starred in the film Nezha vs. the Monkey King with Lin Zhiying and Shi Xiaolong, and played the role of pig Eight Jie, becoming a hot child star at that time.In 2003, he stopped shaving his head and performing arts because of his studies. In 2008, he entered the transportation Management department of Tamkang University.In 2009, he returned to perform in “Shining Days”.Congratulations Hao Shaowen!New Evening News comprehensive extreme news, weibo, Douyin and other copyright belongs to the original author